Drag Queens First Time & Coming Out Stories

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With Raja, Raven, Trixie Mattel, Phi Phi O’hara, Mrs. Kasha Davis, Tatianna, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Coco Montrese, and Tempest DuJour. Learn about their first experience and how they accepted their sexuality.

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  1. Omg ginger ! I’m so sorry you had to go though what sounds like basic child molesting ! And it’s unfortunate that it’s not uncommon in the acting world , more Peopel should speak out like you ! X

  2. "He put his hand on my knee"
    "So I got on my knees" XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☕️

    Um is any one gonna talk about Ginger and it was a 35 on a 14 year old witch is stachatory (I know I didn't spell that right) rape and that man should in jail.

  3. 12:55 when Raven said your family knows that your gay,bi,pan or trans or and part of the LGBTQ+ community I wish I'm pan and my mother was so upset that she started crying when my ex girlfriend told her and my stepdad said when we're younger that if we where gay that he was gonna kick us out but when he found out he was so supportive I cry every time I think about it

  4. I’m not even kidding I can’t remember my first time. Anyone with me? I know it was with a female which is probably why I don’t remember it. It was back in the late 80’s that’s all I know. Is anyone else not able to pinpoint who their first was, or am I alone here?

  5. Tempest was raised LDS! There was an episode of Untucked where she said "something something my poor Mormon mother something" and then on Transformstions she mentioned going to BYU. She and Raven have that in common.

  6. when i came out to my mam, i was 12! i went to her after i’d had tea and i did the classic ‘can i talk to you?’ and she laughed because she really wasn’t expecting me to say i was bi. and then i’ve been debating coming out to her as non-binary, but turns out i don’t need to, cause she already knows lmao
    (when i came out to my dad he said ‘you’ll make up your mind’ and i’m not coming out as non-binary to him cause he’s ridiculed non-binary people a lot rip)

  7. I simply LOVE this episode! I think that kids need a healthy supportive roll model growing up. I didn't have that in my time, and I think my life would have been much easier if I had. Thank you, queens for sharing your experiences. I imagine this is going to help a lot of kids out there.

  8. A few things to note:
    – There's no one way to lose your virginity. Whether it's romantic or just scratching an itch, you do you.
    – Predators are predators and victims are victims. No one deserves to be preyed upon.
    – Sex education in this country needs a major overhaul. And I'm not just talking doing away with abstinence only. We need to stop with heteronormative sex ed classes and go with a more inclusive plan. Otherwise we fail our LGBT youth.
    – Tati is gorgeous.

  9. I came out as Bi at first cause I don’t think I ever had a gender preference. But I then found out I was ace. The whole time growing up I was terrified to lose my virginity. But when I came out at Ace, my dad said he didn’t believe me. He still doesn’t. And it make sure me kind of sad. All my friends understand but I just wish he wouldn’t correct me on it.

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