Do girls like guys with nice cars?

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Do girls like guys with nice cars?

Hi guys and thanks for tuning in to Kama TV with me, Annabel Pugh. Today I’m determined to find out…Do girls like guys with nice cars?

Now, in my opinion a car is just an object that gets you from A to B, and a girl is not going to fall in love with a guy based solely on his car, however nice it may be.

But, that’s just my opinion. So… let’s ask the girls what they think!

Keep watching as Kama TV has hit the streets with Annabel Pugh to find out the real answers from real women! Some answers are shockingly interesting!

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Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Do answer this question, you don't just ask them. No one knows less about what a girl likes than said girl. Have a guy go undercover and ride up next to them in the specific car type and that's how you get your answer.

  2. 100% of these women don't know shit about a nice car, Lmaoooo, how about I take one of them with me in my 700 WHP 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8 with a 426 Bore, 250 Shot of Nitrous, SRT Max Cam, Whipple Supercharger, ported heads, Hellcat Fuel Injectors, running on E85 Ethanol, forged internals, Hellcat Crankshaft, built Transmission, running on some Demon Reps wrapped in 315 Nittos in the back for extra traction, Hellcat Exhaust system with Long Tube Headers and catless mids, and a fucking bad ass HP Tuners Tune!

  3. Women want a guy that makes their image look better than they really are. Most of these women come from the same families that produced your average looking Joe. They want to feel better than their own and thus, want a guy with looks, money, and a car. It's their justification to being "better" than their own genes.

  4. Nice cars dont mean the driver is wealthy …. banks are ready to finance fancy cars … wealthy people are measured by the size of their investments …. and i have and i had fancy cars didnt work for all girls … but only for hoes 😊

  5. I like cool cars but I honestly don’t care if women like my car or not. Most women are so self absorbed that they think guys only buy nice cars to impress them. Most guys buy nice cars because they like them, not to try to attract gold diggers

  6. It's ironic when I took my friends brand new Audi r8, I stopped at the red lights, there was a women who smiled at me and even came around to my window trying to talk to me, I was soo anxious for the lights to turn green so I can smoke this bitch with my fumes.

  7. Sports car vs truck vs minivan vs clean vs filthy vs old vs new……this one area actually makes sense because the vehicle can project the image of a lifestyle and values. Old dirty minivan? Come on, doesn’t make a girl a gold digger to not want to be in that scenario

  8. I'm living proof that your car does matter. I've been stood up because she didn't like my car. She said I had a bitch car. I dress quite nice on the weekends. However, Back in 2012, I drove a 2002 Hyundai Elantra with a royal blue color. One night, My roomie at the time had one of his girls over and as she saw me leave, She asked my roomie, "WAIT A MINUTE! HE DRESSES LIKE THAT BUT HE DRIVES THAT?!" So I got a clue since then and started driving a man's car. Since then, I've driven a 95 Lexus SC300, 00 Chrysler Concorde LX, 05 Dodge Magnum, and now back to a 00 Chrysler Cocorde LXi. If your car is two-toned with a matted black finish and junky as hell on the inside, then that's not a good look! If your car has chrome rims and leather interior, keep them polished as well as your dashboard. Me personally, I like a dashboard cover which protects the dash from the UV rays. Last but not least, Keep your car vacuumed, windows cleaned, and smelling good.

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