Do dom tops like for the bottom to be aggressive?

I haven’t been sexually active very long and I’m still learning how things work. When I’m with a guy and he does something I really like, I tend to mirror that same action back to him so he receives the same pleasure I received.

I find that I really like it when men are rough with me, so the actions I tend to mirror back are the aggressive ones. I was with this guy and he roughly grabbed my ass and bit at my neck. I got a huge rush from that so I grabbed his ass and bit at his neck too. Do tops like that though or am I supposed to act more sub?


  1. I like a challenge, and while not everyone would be open to that, NOBODY likes a starfish. Err on the side of overly active.


  2. I’m ‘aggressive’ in how much ‘low’ I am willing to ‘fall’ to please the guy.
    But that said, I like to pep up things. I have all accessories :p

  3. A man fucking is an act of dominance, so if a bottom is aggressive, that gives the top the opportunity to truly be dominant. Just because a dude gets fucked doesn’t mean he’s a girl who’s just there to let it a dude pound pussy. Be a man, grunt, growl, roughhouse, be aggressive.

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