DIY SnapChat Dog Filter Halloween Costumes!

Hey guys! For today’s Halloween costume idea, I am going to show you how to be the snapchat dog filter!! Share this to your friends that use snapchat!
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1. Search images of snapchat filter png.
Brown dog filter:
Black and white dog filter:
2. Drag the picture on your desk top(save it)
3. Crop each part of the image and save it.
4. For the brown dog filter, scale the images to 150% each.
4. For the black and white dog filter, scale the images to 200% each.
5. Print out each image!
1. Cut the ears out.
2. Trace the ears on cardboard 3 times so it’s more sturdy
3. Cut out the cardboard ears
4. Glue the image of the ear onto one of the cardboard ears.
5. Hot glue the cardboard ears together so it’s nice and thick
6. Hot glue the ears on a thick headband! (Use a black headband if you have darker hair. If you have lighter hair use a white headband)
7. Let it dry and now you are done with the ears!
1. Cut the nose out.
2. Trace the nose on cardboard
3. Cut out the cardboard nose
4. Glue the nose on the cardboard
5. Cut a 1/4 of the toilet paper
6. Hot glue the clear elastic on both sides in the toilet paper
7. Secure with the tape
1. Scale the image to 200% and Print out the Tounge
2. Cut the Tounge out.
3. Trace the Tounge on cardboard
4. Cut out the cardboard Tounge
5. Glue the Tounge on the cardboard
6. Tape the wooden skewer on the back (make sure the sharp part is faced up)
7. Enjoy!

Q: What camera/ lens do I use?
A: Canon 70D & sigma 30mm 1.4

Q: What do I use to edit?
A: Final cut pro x

Q: Why is your channel name Ruby Qnn?
A: Ruby Ann was taken so I replaced the “A” with a “Q”

Disclaimer: not a sponsored video. If you don’t like my personality or you don’t like the video then please exit out of the video. Please keep the comment section clean and positive for younger viewers. Thank you 🙂 I came up with this idea a few months ago at vidcon. Since then there were makeup tutorials of the snapchat dog filter and purple Kevin made the video of the DIY snapchat filters using the dog filter and the rainbow filter. I am not copying anyone!💕

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