Disneyland's Star Wars GALAXY'S EDGE IS EMPTY and Here is PROOF!

People don’t seem to believe that Disneyland is a “ghost town” these days. So an Arizona newspaper posted aerial views of just how deserted Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is right now. Good news for guests, but bad news for Disney, who banked on it being a slam dunk.

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  1. Hahhahahahahhahahahahahaha
    It is impressive how you are a rat and how people believe in you!
    I went there twice and was flooded!
    What a moron

  2. KK your failure is COMPLETE!!!! We will spend zero on Star wars until KK and Rian are gone!!!! Plus, THE PRICES ARE RIDICULOUS!!!! I'm in Orlando, trust me, take your money elsewhere.

  3. I'll tell you why this happened: disney ROYALLY SCREWED UP THE STAR WARS STORY! What passes for a star wars movie as produced disney is nothing more than a dumb-a$$ SJW's garbage-spewing indoctrination; and patrons will not tolerate such B.S. for very long.

  4. Harry Potter Land Universal:

    -Fully themed as one of the most iconic places in the movies

    -props cost 1-20 usd… most expensive is robes at 100 ?

    -want an experience – FREE!!!! and u choose if to buy the want for like 70 usd or so

    -some THEMED rides from the movies, not just 1 small VR ride…

    -going out of there happy and content u got the stuff from the movies and fully experienced harry potter

    "Star wars" land in Disneyland:

    -Themed as a desert, not from the movies

    -props cost between a lot and wtf…. usd…

    -lightsaber experience 200 usd…

    -a VR Ride in a 2m on 2m room…

    -going out of there saying how the fuck i spend so much for this… and ruining your childhood franchise..

  5. Blacking out season ticket holders was a Yuge Dick Move.. on top of the other dick moves, like a $175 BASIC entry ticket, and $200 for a crappy lightsaber with a smaller lifespan than a mayfly.. so yah, Disney is a stadium full of Dick.

  6. The question is if Disney is losing money on multiple occasions, why does Disney fool itself by acting like it's winning? This will only hurt Disney, as a corporate entity, and the employees.

  7. Wrong. Attendance is '''low''' because they blacked out the overwhelming majority of AP holders and opened a bunch of new rides elsewhere to lessen the load. Anyone saying it flopped is going to look delusional in a few months.

  8. I've been to 14 acre amusement parks that were packed with rides and attractions. A 14 acre themed land that's basically just a shopping mall with one or two attractions holds no appeal for me, no matter what the theme is.

  9. It’s so empty that they put out an offer for AP holders to buy a 1-day park hopper ticket for $100 for family and friends. Normally that ticket is $200 and Disney is never that generous with ticket pricing.

    A family friend that works at Disneyland told us that July was originally blocked out for them to bring over people for free. That block out dates were lifted for them before July even started.

  10. I'd go to an Antifa theme park to watch the games. Universal has the rights I think: MAZA, who spurned on the attacks on Ngo and on ICE by van Spronsen, is employed by VOX which is owned by NBCUniversal.

  11. They just have raised prices way too much, and people have finally realized this. They are skipping their Disney trip. It is partially about Star Wars, but it is MORE about Disney becoming so expensive that the parks are not worth it anymore to some people. If you compare Universal Hollywood, which I found the cheapest pass to be $149, and the next one is $189. The cheapest pass I found on Disneyland is $599! That's a whole lot of difference between the 2. $149 or $189 is REASONABLE for me, and I think both parks are way overpriced per day anyway!

    When the Harry Potter lands were really in demand AT FIRST, Universal was no where close to what they charge now. They were doing deals for really, really cheap just to get people to come to Universal Orlando. Universal (just this year), even had buy 2 days, and get 1 free day during the year. Disney won't discount nothing on your ticket. They only want to increase ticket prices, and give you "cheaper" things to do with the hotels.

  12. I don't care if 2 Darth Vaders are waiting at the gate with handshakes and handjobs I'm not paying $3000.00 to go see that stupid shit. It's just like TLJ all the money in the world, they make a big empty mess people will check out once, argue about it for a bit then forget it existed.

  13. If anyone would like to to know the official grand opening of the Star Wars: Galaxy Edge ride (August 29th), just google it. Probably is a strong reason for the ‘under construction’ look and all. But what do I know…🙄

    What is your angle in all of this? 🤔

  14. Do you think this will happen in Disney world too? We have a trip there in November, and we were excited to see Galaxy’s edge… but now I’m not to sure… I was not happy about the price increases, as now it’s cheaper for us to buy regular tickets then spend the money on annual passes.

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