1. THANK YOU. I'm dating someone in the closer but he just hasnt told his family yet which I Totally get why. Any advice for being supportive of him not wanting to tell them?

  2. I am sorry for your loss of your mom I lost my mom when I was 14 and I was I. Middel school so I know how you feel and your an awesome speaker I have watched so many of your videos and it's helped me a lot thanks so much and keep posting because it really helps so many people your a great person with a great heart thank you so much!!:)

  3. I came out to my mom before I was really ready and she's very homophobic and made me start going to counseling to try to convert me. She also told me I wasn't allowed to tell the rest of my family because it's an embarrassment to her. It got so bad that I ended up going back into the closet and agreeing to date boys so she would stop. I hate not being able to introduce my fiance to my family yet but I am so thankful that she is so understanding. She's my lighthouse in the storm. ♥

  4. POLL: How old where you when you found out about your sexuality and how old where you when you came out. if you haven't come out yet, just say how old you are now.

  5. What a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful young lady you are. I'm so proud that you are part of our community. Keep shining and helping to usher the next generation of LGBT youth into a world where they feel safe and loved enough to make a positive contribution to the world — just like you do on a daily basis. Bless you, Honey. You're a gem!

  6. If i ever come out, my mom and the rest of the town will hate me, they're the religious type where they protest for gay marriage to be illegal because its wrong. I know imma lose them when i come out but its who i sm, since day 1. Who YOU love does not change who YOU are, fuck!

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