Darkroom / Lord street, Blackpool, UK. Gay and Bisexual men. No sex scenes. -Over 21-

Popular dark/back room in Blackpool, England.
Gets well busy after mid-night and the sling in the back is popular with its atmosphereic red light.
Several glory holes & a shower for piss play are an added bonus.
Remember to wear very little and don’t go near the bay windows until at least midnight then the draps are closed tight. I leave my room key at reception and slide a pounds coins down the inside of my boots for drinks but rarely sober when downstairs.
Since you have buy a drink when you enter and by law you become a private club member then laws are relaxed.

Married men can’t get enough of this totally anonymous place.
They are usually very nervous with eyes darting around the place while slowly sipping their beer when standing at the bar so introduce yourself then give them the tour.
A lot of us were in this confusing situation at one time in our lives and they need a bit of an introduction to our ways, harmless but exciting that they are.

A place where
erotic sounds of men kissing followed by the unzipping of jeans then moans of pleasure.
You know you’ve arrived at the desitation you’ve been looking for when you hear these sounds.
Often come across a masked men on his knees, near the door, taking every guy in his mouth.
Usually a guy on his knees beside the urinal as well taking everyone’s piss. Love human urinals as they are living their fantasy. I love this place!

If hot candle wax is used in the rooms upstairs ask for plastic sheets or bring your own cheap sheets from a charity store. You will be charged for cleaning if you spill it.
Hot wax on your testicles is great fun and the anticipation can be earth shattering.
Soy oil based are best to use and will not burn your skin, just give you a little nip. Massage oil candles can also be used without damaging the skin as well
Hot wax is about having a master so not about pain. All about control.

I’m nothing to do with the management, just a pervert who knows how to enjoy myself once a month here and want to help guys who don’t know places like this still exist.

I use a different name each time I stay here but they remember my accent plus I’m the only one who wears only a gimp mask, boots and a jock strap when I checking in. Need to get this figured out as they acknowledge me straight away.


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