Daily Vlog: Atlantis Allure 2019 Caribbean #Gay #Cruise | JustJoeyT #Travel

Go behind the partying and hang with the family on the Atlantis Allure 2019 cruise!

Main video:

Tommer Mizrahi – Forever Tel Aviv New Year 2019 Podcast

DJ Grind – June 2018 Mix | NYC Pride Official Promo Podcast


  1. Atlantis always says that the brochures show nothing but hot young guys to sell their cruises and that there are a wide range of ages and body types that go on their vacations. By the looks of this though, they pretty much cater to only the hottest guys. I would be so very invisible if I went on one of these. Thanks for the look inside the Atlantis cruse, tho, it's interesting to see what happens. Maybe next life I'll be beautiful enough to give it a try.

  2. The absence of men of color on this cruise has certainly turned me off from this cruise. I was seriously considering it for vacation, so I'm grateful that I saw this before booking.

  3. Typical of gays ! No fat guys ! A sugar daddy present & ignorance when they say el water like that doesn’t make it Spanish and y’all are minorities shouldn’t be making fun of other races

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