Cycling naked for climate change

Cape Town cyclists hit the streets in the nude for the eighth annual Cape Town World Naked Bike Ride. The event aims to raise awareness for climate change.

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Produced by: Cindy Archillies


  1. – "පසුගිය බලාපොරොත්තුව පැන" හෝ මෙම: "එක් වරක්මානව වර්ගයාගේ ගමන් කරනු ඇත, දුර, දුර, වඩාත් සුදුසු සමහර

  2. I get that 'THAT' is a way that 'YOU' are expressing yourselves and have attached a certain reason that 'YOU' feel/felt would be appropriate. NOW since we are here to instruct all (including ourselves,'INCLUDING' the next generations/
    'CHILDREN ') this does not fit the bill for 'ME'.I dont want my children seeing my
    flag pole,let alone yours.
    You speak of the 'ENVIRONMENT ' that covers more than the 'OUTSIDE ' elements and you 'ALL' have added more 'HEAT' of the non 'NEEDED' kind
    'BODYHEAT',and we know what that feels like,like turn on the air,to and
    already to hot for much consumption outside.When 'I' look at the mind
    screen an very LARGE AINK on that showed up and was replaced among
    a few other ways this could be done that does not have said added items
    including the 'FUNK' you are adding to an already are overloaded AIR supply.
    THE dark guy somed up the 'REAL' reason for the display when he said' I' like
    to ride and 'I' like (more like 'LOVE') to be naked…. and I like to ride bikes too.
    To put it another way, 'YALL JUST LIKE SHOWING YOUR AZZ '. Let's have (NOT
    ME ) a robot maybe interview those body parts before & after the ride and get their view, oh yeah and dont forget the bike seats🤣🤣🤣

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