Crazy Driving and Line Butting in Korea

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This week’s Too Long;Didn’t Read segment is about the things we can’t get used to in Korea. Answer: the crazy driving and line butting. We’ve almost been killed or seriously injured a couple of times, and we can’t stand it. The line butting is also infuriating. Ahh!


  1. In Hanoï (Viet Nam) there is only one place I saw red lights, so it's really scary to cross road. you have to just walk slowly and people on motorbike will just past in front and behind you. And this is why most people who get hit are tourist because we have reflex that if a motorbike is passing in front of you, you will back up a little, but there is an other motorbike behind you at the same time. It's really scary and the driving is also really dangerous.

  2. Don't drive in Panama… Those drivers are CRAZY. Lanes? What lanes? Blinkers? What blinkers? oh and there's ppl who walk on the side of the 'highway' and there a random dogs in the road.

  3. Ha, this sounded so much like Turkey, it could have been me! Yes, traffic lights are suggestions (I suppose most people do stop but enough ignore them that you can't afford a false sense of security).

    Pedestrian crossings? They are convenient suicide zones, which gets back to the basic rule that any and all lines on streets are for ornamental purposes only. I would wager that most drivers don't even know what those lines mean.

    Turn signals are an annoyance, why would you use them? They'd just give a hint of what you planned to do to the driver in front or back of you, and then they could use that information to their advantage.

    In slow traffic see a stoplight ahead? It's your lucky moment! This is your cue to drive along the right side of the line of traffic, all the way up to the light, and then as soon as it turns green, bolt ahead, cutting off the driver at the head of the line and securing your new place. What if he objects? Who cares? Tell him to fuck off.

    If you're driving down the street and notice people trying to cross, under no circumstances should you make eye contact with them. Eye contact means that they actually exist, and this would disrupt your rhythm.

    If you are Turkish and have foreign passengers (most likely if you're driving a taxi), when someone cuts you off or does something else dangerous, swear and complain about how Turks have no manners, and that the country will never amount to anything. Having complained gives you the right, within 5 minutes. to do exactly the same thing to someone else.

    What if traffic is really slow? Then it's the perfect opportunity to leave your car and do something else. Go to the kiosk and get cigarettes. Go grab yourself a döner at the stand. Walk over to that square and get your shoes shined. Is your car holding up traffic? Never mind, it doesn't impact your plans!

    Parking: If the area is reasonably flat, its a go. Sidewalks are perfect. If you have a bunch of stuff to unload or a short (less than 15 minutes), just double park and let the other drivers handle it like they want. When you get back they will call you every name in the book. Pretend you don't hear it. But if you get in a traffic jame for the same reason, make sure you call the driver a c*** when he gets back.

    One-way streets? Also just suggestions. If you think you can get through before opposing traffic shows up (meaning "no cars within sight," even if the road turns), go for it. If someone says, "hey, this is a one way street!", just answer "yes, unfortunately," and stand your ground. It's all good!

  4. People on scooters I'm Korea sometimes drive on the pavement to skip past queues. I've only been here two and a half weeks and the number of times I've almost been runner by a scooter (not even going slowly) is ridiculous!

  5. Lol this is soooo true and still correct now. Im from Australia and have been living here for a few months now, i have never been more terrified of motorists in my life.

  6. Throughout the whole video I was so distracted by Simon's beautiful shirt I just.. idk why but the longer you stare at them hugging the more hilarious it gets LOL.

  7. I grew u and learned to drive in a small city (Nelson) in new zealand, we were fairly good there, not so great at merging and indicating out of roundabouts as we are supposed to do.
    Then i moved to christchurch, one of the biggest citys in NZ, holly molly, what a difference! People are so much more impatient here, not only do we forget to indicate, we have 50 and 60 km p/hr speed limits on the same stretch of road, so everybody just goes 60 the whole way along, merging is even worse here, people take chances all the time, causing so many near misses, most don't stop on the orange light, you see people lane hop all the way down the road, taxi's dont seem to obay the laws and are a hazard. then we have bus lanes and are supposed to give way to the bus when it is indicating, some bus drivers take it too far, and will ram cars parked in the bus lane, and/or cut cars off as they see that they have the right of way to just pull out into traffic without indicating.
    Funny enough after the first and 2nd big earthquakes here everybody slowed down, and was very considerate of everybody else, but now almost 4 years on, we have sliped back into bad habbits

  8. @Eat Your Kimchi have you guys ever been to dildo island in newfoundland and Labrador? I did a report on the province and this place seemed interesting (obviously) and it is apparently a tourist spot. what is tghere to do there?

  9. Thats why driving in korea is so scary and dangerous. Rest in peace Eun.B from Ladies Code.. Hope this lesson will teach others how important it is to drive safely, because life is just so precious.

  10. I dont notice when I go to Korea… probably because I do what they do and just rush the bus or train when it stops. Its much less frustrating if you just do what the locals do and leave your westernised queuing instinct behind. Next time, dont fence, just rush the door!

  11. Totally can relate to the bus comment. I found not only do they gun it fast they also brake fast. Hold on tight. I rather enjoyed it actually, but I think I'm in a minority there.

    I also found Koreans hate late buses so the bus drivers are quick at the bus stops. If you need to get off you should be ready at the door before it reaches the bus stop. Don't wait for it to stop and then get out of your seat and walk to the bus door or you may not be getting off at the next stop instead.

  12. Tho I don't get how kdramas have their actors in the middle of the road and then I realize that they're standing in the smack middle where people usually avoid. Then I realized its fake cuz it a movie.

  13. Omg. When I went to university (in Canada) that butting thing was so annoying. We did have a lot of Asian exchange students, I don't know if they were Chinese or Korean, but quite a few of them would butt and it drove everyone else crazy. Another thing was that they also tended to only socialize with other Asian exchange students and travel in groups. And by travel I mean on foot, walking very slowly through the campus blocking all traffic flow. If you were late to class and came up to a group of Asian girls they were impossible to pass, and completely oblivious to anyone trying to  pass them. Sometimes they would even stop in the middle of a flight of stairs while classes were being let out. Has anyone noticed if that happens at their school?
    But the driving thing is also pretty true. Whenever my friends and I are driving on the highway and someone cuts someone off, doesn't shoulder check, or nearly causes and accident, we check to see if they are Asian and 80% of the time they are. Not to say all Asians are bad drivers, but the ones who recently immigrated usually are. That being said, I would not survive driving in Korea or China because of the chaos, way to aggressive. I would probably cry and scream in frustration.

  14. hahah try going to india. the traffic lights arent even suggestions. they are decorations xD i saw a red light and a green light at the same time.. and people will just literally walk right through the road. If you can drive well in india, you can drive anywhere

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