Couple refuses to leave a tip for their lesbian waitress l What Would You Do

When a couple finds out that their waitress is a lesbian, they refuse to leave her a tip. This scenario is based on a real incident that happened in Rockford, Illinois. What would you do?



  1. I understand fully that this is fake, but if someone is wearing a pin like she is, that means she wants people to see what she supports, and that her private life, or that aspect of her private life ain't that private. Idc if you support that shit, but if you are wearing the pin, i can talk to you about it. I wouldn't be as rude, but i am gonna say i don't support it.

  2. I don’t personally believe in god or any of that stuff but i know alot of catholics/Christians and im lucky that all of them dont give a fuck about a person sexuality but who they are as a person I wont praise a god but I respect people who do or dont life is too damn short to hate someone for finding love

  3. You tip people if they serve you good don’t be caring about their personal life my uncles are gay and I love them ❤️ so if you got a problem with being gay keep it to yourself bc you should look at yourself and say why do I let man made religions dominate my life? Think for yourselves don’t be sheep! Idc what you grew up around open that mf mind up for once! Tolerate ALL people and if you can’t just get off this planet you aren’t needed! One thing I hate hate more than anything is judgemental people people have judged me countless times and I’m straight but for other reasons it’s wrong flat out wrong

  4. Christians- I cant tolerate other people if they’re different from me Jesus- all is welcome at my table so in essence you guys who claim to be “Christian” yet spew hate you aren’t Christians btw this is coming from an atheist boo boo. You should accept everybody and if you don’t keep your judgemental self out of society we done need ya! 😘🤷‍♀️

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