Cornwall Police Hate Crime Homophobia against gay male nude artist

Featuring sculptures by Malcolm Lidbury

A gay artist, sculptor & HIV/AIDS & gay equality campaigner in Cornwall, UK, who has relentlessly been attacked & targeted by Devon & Cornwall Constabulary since 2004 in what has become a viscious Devon & Cornwall Police homophobic vendetta.

This has twice lead to the attempted suicide of the artist as a DIRECT RESULT of Cornwall police dishonesty, corruption, & homophobic attitudes & practises….and further criminal conduct AGAINST the artist as encouraged by Cornwall police misconduct & instigation.

Police = They are the HOMOPHOBIC Hate Crime problem!


  1. I was humiliated and bullied this weekend by two police officers, I am a gay man and I made a mistake of taking someone home with me late on Friday. a little worse for ware. anyway I went to the loo and he stole my mobile phone £40 cash and my car. the police humiliated bullied and intimidated me. I am 51 years old. but when they left I just broke down and cried. they made me feel like I had committed a crime. I will never support the police again. liam Cardiff take care all and be who you are.

  2. Devon & Cornwall Police repeatedly attempted through their homophobic vendetta since 2004 to prevent & destroy my art. Therefore I have made images of my paintings, sculpture & photography available for public use on 'Wikimedia Commons'.

    Police obstructed production of my sculptures & I no longer paint as a result of diagnosed 'Catastrophic Trauma' caused by relentless on going homophobic misconduct & abuse by Devon & Cornwall Constabulary.

    Cornwall Police = HOMOPHOBIC

  3. Today I received written notice that an allegation of 'BLACKMAIL' has been recorded by Devon & Cornwall Police Authority AGAINST Devon & Cornwall Constabulay Chief Officer Group, following details being passed to the Police Authority by the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission).

    Written details were also sent to Her Majesties Inspectorate of Constabularies & The UK Human Rights Commission.

    The victim of the multiple Cornwall police abuse is gay

  4. @bakert7000 The Cornwall police intimidation, bullying & ignoring of homophobic Hate Crimes against the gay artist is relentless and on going…thanks to Chief Constable Stephen Otter, who completely ignores the catalogue of reported incidents involving named & identified Cornwall Police officers, primarily from Camborne & Helston police stations (hot beds of police Homophobia)

  5. Devon & Cornwall POlice have kept up their homophobic vendetta since 2004 with threats & intimidation….'if' only police would HONESTLY investigate the catalogue of a criminal & dishonest misconduct of Cornwall police officers we have named & identified in complaints.

    Police =they ARE the Homophobic Hate Crime problem!

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