1. Here's a Political philosophy that was foundational to the First ammendment:

    All people regardless of their positions, are ought not to be harmed based on their beliefs unless their beliefs seek out to work ill to their neighbor and harm them.

    It actualy stems from Baptist preachers in the 16-1700's.

  2. Conservatives are so much cooler and more fun than liberals anyway. We also have the right of way
    to make fun of them too. It seems more appropriate, whereas they are all just awkward.

  3. Damnit I love this country!! I hunt, I fish. I love taking my 1973 International Scout II up to the trails breaking something making it better than conquering that trail after. I love our Constitution. I am a combat veteran having served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. On my mother's side I am the first generation to be born in the USA and I am forever grateful to this land for the chance my mother was given to succeed, which she did. Graduating college going on to law school where she she met my father. They raised us to respect everyone the same. We are all Proud Democrats and damnit we Love our country!!

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