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I got caught being gay in Dubai!

Traveling to Dubai is one of the most exciting feelings, but it’s important to be careful and respect your surroundings ✨


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  1. I still don't understand why you decided to go to such an expensive/homophobic place. Weren't you informed about the gay situation there?. Except from Israel (specially Tel Aviv) all of the other places round their are crap. Didn't you know that before travelling?. I mean, your video's rather cool when it comes to inform people about different situations, but… there are so many beautiful places in the world to visit/live in. For example: Iceland.

  2. Being gay isn’t illegal, but if you publicly show that you are…. it is looked down upon. It’s so sad… I’m sorry for all lgbt people, there is hope. I ain’t gay but I have friends who are gay

  3. I would never even dream of going to a place where gay people are not accepted. Why would I give my hard earned money to some camel back riding religious bigots???

  4. Listen on YT to the ABC radio interview with Radha Sterling detained in Dubai. Watch Raped in Dubai. There are plenty of cases like those women on yt. Women and gay/lesbian imho should avoid any islamic country with sharia law, That includes the so-called liberal Dubai .Don't take any chances unless youre willing to face prison time for months before even seeing a court, or even being tortured to admit a crime you did not commit.

  5. When a recruiter wanted to hire me to teach English… He basically told me…." There is No OUT Gay in Dubai only IN."..and underground.. 😉

  6. It is insane for these commentators to even bring up GAY RIGHTS. Gays in Saudi Arabia have rights. The right to an unfair trial. When I lived in the KINGDOM I worked at a school where a teacher got involved romantically with a 21 year old student. They were caught by family and turned into the POLICE. They were not having sex. They were just together and family knew about their affair. Then I heard they were going to be hanged. So my wife and I hurried down to the MUTAWA'S OFFICE to see what we could do. They informed us that it was a DONE DEAL and that they'd be executed in like 1 hour. So we drove across the city and hurried to the place, which took forever for us to find. When we got there, we saw the crowds dispersing. Someone said: "It's over. They were both executed. Heads cut off." My wife and I just looked at each other in astonishment. We don't approve of gays or anything like that but to cut off one's head…that's another story. That afternoon we felt so sad. We could not even lfit a finger to help this fellow American. He and his boyfriend both got the AX. Yes sir! And no further questions nor trial was conducted. They decided the whole thing within 48 hrs.

  7. Girl you need to represent more in a refine respectable self. We all need to respect ourselves before others can respect you. You are very fortunate that you didn't get catch by the Dubai authorities. When you are travelling to other foreign countries specially the Middle East. We all need to respect their laws and culture specially when it comes their religion.

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