Coming Out with Queer Eye’s Fab Five

“We weren’t any different than anybody else.” To celebrate Pride Month, Bustle sat down with the Fab Five from Netflix’s Queer Eye to hear their coming out stories. Try not to tear up while watching Jonathan, Karamo, Tan, Bobby and Antoni share their stories. ❤️

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  1. all of this is lovely but being in a gay relationship absolutely does not make you gay. You could be pan you could be bi and being in a gay relationship will not change that. I really hope that celebrities would stop saying that just because they're in a gay relationship that makes them gay, you're gay if you identify as such. You influence the way the public thinks so please be careful with your wording because people WILL hold on to your words and use them as fuel for their bigotry.

  2. My parents were talking about how this guy said something really homophobic to this gay guy and I said that people do that at school and use gay as an insult and my dad goes "Yeah, if it's upsetting for you, imagine how it would be for someone who is actually gay." I just assumed they knew already and didn't care. I have loud conversations with my sister about how hot this girl is in the room right next to where they are sitting and they don't know?!

  3. Bobby's story is rough, and he is not the only one. Where I live, a boy who told his parents (which took courage), was told: "We'd rather you be dead". Just horrible. One can see that Bobby still has some wounds in the series when he talks to the heroes or has difficulties entering the church.

  4. I’m from Pakistan, the same country where Tan is from, and in our religion being gay isn’t allowed. In fact, in many Islamic countries it’s not allowed and people disapprove of gay people. But thankfully, in my family, we don’t think like that. We think that love is love and that we shouldn’t judge people. After all, “love is not a choice”.

  5. So um first off I'm 13 and have no idea what I am fully and my temporal lobe is not fully formed but I'm 13 I'm starting dating and I was dating this guy an a I knew for a fact that he wasn't right at all so I started dating actually my best friend at the time ( not anymore and we broke up cause her mom pulled a knife on me and I still am missing part of my ear) but anyways I didn't tell my parents cause I was scared I knew they'd be fine with it but the only people I told were my other best friend my mentor and my gay aunt who I'd always been very very close too and then my mom looked through my phone and saw I had texted a friend Ariana that the girl had broken up with me and then my mom asked me ok Maddie do you like girls or boys is this what you've been hiding for me and I said "idk dragons are cool though" and ran away

  6. Queer eye honestly gives me hope to keep going, my coming out was horrible and I felt depressed for weeks but seeing them get out there and doing their thing makes me so happy and overflow with pride and happiness of who I am. Im gay and im fucking proud of it!

  7. How are people talking about Antoni instead of Bobby?? Bobby's story was heartbreaking and he was still able to tell it with such a sense of closure and acceptance for what it was damn

  8. I love how open Johnathan is. Not just about being gay, but with his true self…his mannerisms, his femininity, etc. I absolutely LOVE who he is and how authentic he is daily! You are an inspiration, JVN!

  9. if you see what antoni's boyfriend you will not be able to believe how two such hot men found each other
    cuz it should be illegal for both of the men to be that incredibly attractive

  10. I just discovered this show on Netflix recently. After binge watching the first 2 seasons I honestly don't think that the fact that the Fab 5 are gay is even very relevant. I loved the show because of the positivity and the good they did for others. I love their upbeat attitude about life. I love how they are true to themselves – whatever that may be. That really inspires me. I love how they use the show to get people out of their personal rut and give them hope. None of this has anything to do with their sexual orientation. I'm not gay. I really don't care that they are. Except Jonathan. I kinda wish he wasn't because I really want to fantasize about Jonathan 🙂

  11. I wish my coming out story had been better but I know so many that has/had it so much worse. I had a guy that was wanting to experiment at my apartment. At one point he finally said if I didn't fool around with him he was going to tell my friends and family. I picked up my phone, typed up my peace on facebook, tagged my immediate friends and family, and told him to get the fuck out. Turns out I have one hell of a support system. I just wish I would have found out on my terms.

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