1. @vidbrazil… Active homosexuals will not enter heaven. The Bible is clear on that. Same is true for all sins, including idolatry, adultery, rage, greed, rape, etc..all unrepentant sin has the same outcome – judgment & Hell. There's no escaping God's just decision.

  2. “Good News For The Lgbt Community”

    Anyone can attain God's love and salvation. I believe most people are basically good and loving when given the right tools and opportunities to express and show their humanity. Don't let the haters deprive you from having a relationship with your creator.

    Love Rickie

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  3. You have control until certain limits, and there are things that definitely never will be under your personal control. As I mentioned before, you can´t control your body to feel heat or cold, hungry or sex. About this, you have the power to tell a person or not that he/she likes you, but you will never have the power to eliminate that sex energy. So, and I don´t intent at all to say that is your case, but I consider must be horrible to feel a kind of sex and at the same time repress it.

  4. I understand what you mean, but I have to repeat to you that it wasn´t a worthless or weakness feelings that were in my mind at that age. I found my attraction so natural that I even remember telling my parents about that. I really would like to know if you could make dissapear those feeling from the bottom of your soul. Not if, even feeling it, you just can control it. I have heard of religious people who say they dominate and control those feelings, even though those still exists.

  5. You say "you are gay because of feelings of being worthless". But I remember myself when I was about 6 or 7 years old at school being attracted to one of my classmates the same age. Is it possible for a boy that age feels himself "worthless"?. My family was a normal one, I really don´t remember feeling worthless. But as I was growing up, I started to realize that no everybody feels the same than me, so then my problems started, not while being a child of 6 or 7.

  6. If I was not born gay, why I felt since ever naturally atracted to men?. Why didn´t the same mother nature make me feel what was "right" in the same way that she taught me when to feel hungry, or cold, heat, or thirsty?. If it was for gayporn, hetero people also watch heteroporn. Is it society that taught me to feel remord or fear?. Where do those feelings came from?. Can you stop of being gay? If you could tell me the truth about leaving your former gay feeling I would appreciated it too much.

  7. I'm terrified of coming out of the closet. I'm scared what others would think, even though I know I shouldn't and I know my friends will accept me for who I am, but I still can't :/

  8. Then obviously, he doesn't deserve to be your best friend? 🙂
    One of my friends came out to me recently, and i was really surprised about how little our friendship changed after he did it. I bet it's going to be okay 🙂

  9. @MCD1996fl NO. I visited your channel and I just wanted to say, you can hate gays, but do REALLY need to go to every gay video you find and put them down for it?!?!!? Just keep your hate to yourself and stop your cyber bulling because if you dont, I will and am be ashamed to be on the same land of a person who can not respect another persons beliefs/views. STOP OR GTFO YOUTUBE AND EXPRESS YOUR FEELING IN A NOTEBOOK!!!!!!!!! I am sick of you homophobics. Just leave it or leave, NOW. Just stop.:(

  10. I told my homophobic bestie i am bisexual and she said "whatever it's your life this is the way i was raised homophobe grand parents. or whatev's Look you can talk about girls or guys whenever you like i'll freak a little but i gotta get used to it" she is a real friend. and your friend is a real one too.

  11. I lost one of my bestfriends cuz he thought i was to feminie to be a guy friend just cuz i ask how he's doing after a few months of us not being able to talk to one another. 11 years down the drain……..

  12. Well i'm happy for you , and you seem kind a cool, don't judge me but i dislike very strongly all those annoying gays that take on a fake voice and talk with like really annoying accent like "oh ma goead guees what i did today" like mean little plastic girls, i mean like this isn't only in TV , but yur cool just stay yourself and try to be as happy as possible, best of luck in yur out life 🙂

  13. @brunosmovies Best of luck it aint gonna be easy but it will be worth it. Just remember if someone doesnt accept it that is THEIR issue not yours. Dont be hateful and give them tie but my view is that I would NEVER ask a friend to keep something of themselves secret for my comfort and neither should they ask this of me. Anyway im actually excited for you and hope it goes well. Let us know how it went.

  14. my friend thought i was not going to be her friends anymore, and that i was going throw her out of our apartment. Basically thinking of the "worse case option"….. I love her to death! I'm glad she told me because when that moment of truth happened, I could see the weight lift off her shoulders. =D I gave her a hug and told her everything is fine. We've been though think and thin and nothing has broken our friendship! =D

  15. @95TJZ It is when someone is born as a guy, but feels he is really a girl trapped inside a guys body, or vice versa. Lots of the times they will dress up like the gender they believe they were really supposed to be. 🙂 I have a transgender friend, and she is a biological male <3

  16. @sickboy703 oh wow you give such good advice
    stop being gay WOW that never crossed anyones mind
    im gonna find my buttonn to turn off my gay and switch it off

  17. @randomsanta I'm so proud of the kids being able to come out today, I could not and will not do that today. I came from a culture that demanded I marry and have kids, I did. 58 years into my life I only let 3 people know in the past 2 years, yep, my closet is really closed. So I guess as a 1950's person, I will die with my secret, unfortunately as many will due.

  18. For many gay people, including me, the process of coming out to those most important to you, and the anticipation and assimilation of the reactions you get can be traumatic and nothing short of life-defining. It often seriously affects your relationships with those you have come out to, and even to the world at large. It's no wonder that Scotty wanted to share his experience with YouTube. Glad it went well Scotty, and thanks for sharing your experience [email protected]

  19. I know this video is relatively old, but I just discovered your channel and saw some of your others as well. Congratulations and thank you for bringing your personal, thoughtful, and important perspective to the topics you have addressed. As you know, it's only through increasing our own and other's consciousness enough that we have been able to achieve marriage equality here in NY (don't know where you are).

  20. I completely relate. When I came out to my parents, I felt I had to be prepared for them to completely reject me. There wasn't anything in their makeup or our relationship that would suggest such a possibility, but I had heard stories of extreme reactions and thought I needed to be prepared for the worst. In fact, their reaction was pretty "textbook" in many ways (what about grandchildren, what about AIDS, what can they do to make it not so) and they've come a long way since then.

  21. @SuperBMan3000 It is called solidarity my friend, once free from the closet it makes one feel free for once in your life, to be able to tell the truth. How can you live a lie for so long, it edges at you for years, try to do that for years. It is a relief and a final recognizable fact that of what you cannot escape. There are those that are born homosexual, society of late has condemned them, demonized them and attacked them for what they are. Mostly based on a bible, that is refutable.

  22. I just wanted to say good for you. I can't imagine how hard that would be, so I think you are a very brave person. I am also glad that things worked out with your friend, he sounds like a great person. And the 20 haters who disliked this video need to grow up and get a life. Straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender…love is love. Period. <3

  23. @grumpyoldtrucker dude if incest is between two conscient consenting adults, who are commited to the relationship and use protection, and if they want to stay togheter they get their tubes cutted, I dont see a problem. the world is just nt ready I guess. dont diss those dudes if you dont like they diss you. yh, they are douchebags, bt we dnt gve a fk

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