Coming out story intro: My gay 51 year old demographic is underrepresented!

48 years old: got divorced
49: got back to work
50: finally realized I’m gay…

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  1. "How screwed up is that," is like, well, how not screwed up is this! I came out at 39 and felt horrid for waiting so long but everyone has their own clock. What's really fucked up are people who know they are queer but won't take the step. It is scary, especially for us ancient mariners. But thank Goddess we did.

  2. Welcome to mid age gay invisibility! The gay scene rejects us as we are OLD. Online is dead. Social media in the mid 90's rejected me then as a 35 year old gay male. FINE! As a gay man, I reject the gay community from that point on. If you are gay and over 20 forget it.

  3. I Have major respect for the older gay community. Way more than the younger generation. I'm 23 and I realized that your freedom and the lifestyle and rights were non existent without stigmatism, ridicule, and hatred. You guys truly led the way for my generation.

  4. I'm inspired and feel I only want not to hide myself. I gay and 58yrs old married with three kids. Now I know someone who is close to my age and is not suppressed who I am. There is life after 50. Thanks  

  5. Kudos and older guys need representation on coming out Gay. I recommend a book that now has a follow up "Stranger at the Gate" By Rev. Dr. Mel White, who created Soulforce.

  6. Yep, sure makes life interesting – embrace it or lose! Although I do hope/expect that I won't stumble across any more huge massive things that most people learn when they're teens:)

  7. You are so gonna help people. These videos helped me SO much. Yeah, it's said, everyone knows. However thankyou in the name of those who won't dare say thank you. And keep posting. It's a really interesting story to listen to. 😀

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