Coming Out Story (FTM Transgender)

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  1. I didn't want to put on a dress and I started to scream and cry and my mom told me"shut up,put on the dress or I'll give you a real reason to cry" yup I have an awesome mother

  2. I need advice. I do the same thing. Cut my hair short, stile my hair to look like a guy, hid my chest under heaps of sweatshirts. My only problem is telling people. I have such a bad feeling that my parents won't be happy, and that my family won't be supportive. I have a lot of people still calling me my birth name, and I hate it. Could you tell me some stuff about what to do if they don't support me, or some friends you had that have that problem? Thank you SO much.

  3. I don´t really get it. ALL girls (except really few exceptions) feel exactly this way all the time. Since they are little girls until they pass puberty and adolescence, it´s pretty good documented. No woman feels comfortable with this changes or "identifies" as woman until they reach adulthood, and even then they don´t "identify" as woman, they simply are. Refusing to be a "girl" in your childhood it´s pretty normal, almost mandatory, refusing and panicking when your chest comes out, also is, there´s nothing wrong or weird about these feelings. Some girls refuse "girly" stuff cause it´s simply not their style, others just adapt to grow on this impositions of gender. What I mean is: Let´s normalize these feelings, they are a consecuence of the hierarchies of sex and gender. We can analize them and understand were they come from and what generates these feelings of alienation.

    I understand it can be so intense on some people they develop disphoria, but, is´nt just a best idea to be a full grown up and try anything else before going trans? All these medical procedures can´t make you love or accept yourself, but function as a paliative, dysphoria (for what I know so far) never leaves and it´s a imposibility for science to change human sex, but just imitate secundary sexual characteristics.

  4. no one will see this but i need to vent: i literally have horrible dysphoria and i can't handle it. the idea of not being a boy kills me. i'll never be a real boy if u know what i mean. it's so hard. and i hate complaining but i need to vent sorry. i can't even use female 'body' terms because it makes me so uncomfortable. i literally can't handle dysphoria anymore i want to come out, but my step mom will be even more mean to me, my mom won't accept me, my brother will definitely not accept me, and my sisters and probably will accept me. during the video, you said you realized you need to be yourself and i like that. but i'm still scared. that's the end of my vent

  5. My story is really similar but unfortunately my parents are still rejecting me and saying that I'm only doing it because it's a 'trend' but I've known since puberty that I'm not in the right body.

  6. For the last half a year, I have really started to question whether or not I'm trans, and everything you said hits incredibly close to home. I'm still not 100% sure if I'm actually trans yet, but videos like this help me discover my true self, so thank you 🙂
    Also, your hair looks GREAT

  7. Damn you had so many more signs than I did. I just constantly tried peeing like a dude because my brain was "there should be a dik there"

  8. When ever I did something girly I got praised but if I acted like a boy they said no you can’t do that and was very Stirn, and I only had boy-friends up till fourth grade ( when all the guys thought they had to like pink, my towns weird) around fourth grade I stared to become really uncomfortable and only wore sweatshirts, that carried on to now and I feel I can’t come out fully because people at my school are rather transphobic. My family is very feminist and tells me to be comfortable (they don’t know) and every day it gets worse for me even tho my family are okay with trans people .

  9. Pretty much ever since I was extremely little like 3 I knew something was different but I didn’t really care because everyone just thought I was a Tom boy but my mom had this one friend who has a son and we’re still really good friends but I would never pack any clothes when I visited because I insisted on wearing his clothes. Later on when i was like 4 I insisted on wearing boys clothes i always wanted the boy toy at McDonald’s and wearing a dress which was required for certain events at school was a struggle for the whole family. I also had this friend when I was 5 named Kaele who had a brother and every time I was at her house I would purposely leave a change of underwear at home and wear her brothers. I also would only wear swim trunks and a rash guard to swim in. But until I was like 12 i wouldn’t were a shirt while swimming when I was with family. I was actually very lucky as I was a late bloomer and didn’t visibly start getting boobs until I was 13 (I’m now 15 and want to cut these fucking things off) and I refused to wear a bra and still do. Now every day I wear a hoodie to add a thicker extra layer to my 2 shirts that I wear daily. I also try to deepen my voice. I’m still not out yet and really want to so I can start actually transitioning but I don’t know how my family will take it.

  10. I remember that when i was a kid i'd always choose to be a guy while playing pretend with my friends, or at least be the pet (my furry years smh) and my mom would always ask me why i choose to be a boy if i was a girl and i always answered "bc i feel more comfortable!". Then when i got my first period i cried for like 3 hours and i was so upset lmao dark times. When i was like 15 or somtn i had this friend who wished to be a girl and i somehow will start to rant about how id like to be a boy (i still didnt know about being transgender) and we'll talk about it for hours. Now im looking at all those times and im like "holy shit"

    Anyway just wanted to leave this here

  11. after i watched this i told my mom i am trans and she wasn't surprised at all and she's being really supportive 🙂 now i just have to tell my dad which is going to be harder since he hates the lgbt+ commuity…

  12. Good god. I’ve been thinking about this for months, and I’ve been waiting for “the right time”. Even though I know people say to just do it. I am so wound up, and the fact that I have these racing thoughts even when my family is right next to me, the fact that they don’t know makes me so desperate. But I think I am finally ready. I’m going to text a friend tonight

  13. i relate so hard to the sexuality thing. im bi but before i came out or even realized i was trans i only dated girls because i was so uncomfortable being "The Girl" in the relationship. now that ive socially transitioned though i actually mostly date guys and currently have a boyfriend.

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