This is our coming out story, enjoy!

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  1. OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU GUYS AND APPRECIATE U FOR SHARING UR STORY.. i have a coming out story and i want u guys to know i am with you.. i love you guys so so much. i am a new fan.

  2. update ive commented before but my mom knows im bi she found out bec of one of my old friends and i wouldn't show her the texts bc it said that i was bi so i started crying and it took me a little and i said it well…. she guessed it. i fell like a little bit free now i need to tell my dad and my "friends"

  3. Ok so in my coming out story, my mom thought it was just a phase and said I was too young. But I knew that it was true and that it wasn't just a phase. Now I have a crush on a girl who's my best friend but I'm scared I might ruin the friendship. But I think she also likes girls so I might have a chance. You guys are so cute and I wish you guys the best <3 you guys inspire me so much.

  4. Mykah & Madison,
    You guys are an inspiration to so many young people and youth. Seriously I dont get how we live in a society that wants to control other people love is love and what people's sexuality their own sexuality and not anyones business! Its crazy how much control people have and its ridiculous I think like you said you gotta live your life and LIVE for yourself there is nothing else you can do. At the end of the day your parents are not the ones picking or living with your partner you are your gonna marry that person they wont. It sucks because so many people have been hiding and cant express their feelings but it works out in the end and people see other people live by example it inspires others so many people are kicked out disowned threatened ect. But you guys are beautiful keep doing you and cant wait to see you guys grow if you want a wedding do what you want if you watch domo and crissy they are an amazing YT couple I think you would like. <3:)

  5. im 11 and im bi I told my 3 Internet bff's 1 is trans and 1 is bi and the other one is all about lgbt+ so they were all really supportive about it i haven't told anyone irl yet im fucking scared

  6. i'm new to this channel and i don't know if mykah is wearing contacts, but her eyes are so pretty! definitely my new favorite youtube couple

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