Coming Out Story

So, I posted this last year, but I wanted to re-share it with all of you again this year (for those of you that have not seen it.)This is my coming out story, the video is long (about 20 minutes), but there are a lot of things that I went though growing up and into my young adult years and there is a lot to share.Parts of the video are not easy to watch, or may not be easy to hear; but it is an honest overview of the challenges I faced coming out in a small town, a religious family, and more.

I have been beaten, I have been told I needed to be “cured”, I have been threatened to be killed (by my own family), and when I tried to seek help I have been told “Everyone gets picked on, deal with it.”This was not easy to share, but I am sharing this to help others know that even if they are facing a hard time coming out, it can get better. It can take a while, even years, but it will start when you realize the love has to come from yourself first.I was fortunate to be strong enough, if you feel you aren’t or know someone that might not be, please call the Trevor Project hotline at 1.866.488.7386.


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