1. I came out when I was 15. My older sister told me that it was okay I was gay, and I admitted I was. I think she had found the Chad Michael Murray wallpaper I put up on my computer.

  2. So I’m…Trans(and Gay)I live in Kentucky,my family doesn’t really understand gay people.Or even know what trans people are.Ive been in the closet for a good while now,not gonna lie I just wanna be free.Free from the closet.Only one of my friends know.Haven’t given her an official title,but she’s been great about everything.She hasn’t bugged me about it or anything.Were stuck in the closet together,but for right now I’m just glad I have someone to share it with.

  3. I came out for the first time at 13 in January 2016, and I posted it on Instagram on an old fan account – so my closest friends and loads of strangers. I then told my friends irl at school over the next couple of months. Following that, I told my mother in April 2016 just after my 14th birthday, whose reaction seemed okay initially. However she spread rumours that my father was homophobic, and then kicked me out two weeks later. In May or June 2016, I told my dad who was completely fine and supportive of me thankfully!

  4. All my friends were shocked when I came out. They were accepting but I could tell by their voices and expression on their faces that they were shocked. The first time someone said they were proud of me for coming out was when I called the gay hotlines. I started crying because no one had ever told me that in my entire life.

  5. I'm 63 years old and came out in January of 2019. I worked in a Baptist Church and several others for 37 years. Grew up not talking, not trusting, not feeling. Two alcoholic parents. Began to eat to cover buried feelings including my sexuality. Lived in fear for over fifty years. Now I'm a nursing home. Eating is under control. Lost 310 lbs after gastric bypass stop 366 to go. Thanks for your stories I had no gay friends ever. Now I have four!

  6. I also came out about 24-25!! When the time is right you will know it!!! I couldn’t live a fake life!! I thought I was lying to my family and friends!! Big hugs from Greece 🇬🇷 🇬🇷🇬🇷to both of you!!!

  7. I have only seen two or three of your videos but I have to say in am very impressed.  In this video I love the support and encouragement you have given to people who have not come out…  Incidentally, I came out at 19.  I'm 66 now.  Suggestion:  could an episode regarding older gay or lesbian folks and how they have faced the trials of public and private lives be helpful to others?

  8. Thomas, what you say around 5:25 is sooo 'real', just read Robbie Rogers bio book, and he says exactly the same, and we had his 1st gay kiss at 25 yrs. He now married and they have a kid, hoping either does a follow up book, mayb "coming out to play, with my boy"… Will you two write a collab bio, I'd deffo read it, esp if you incl your 1st child. hugs from UK

  9. Two great stories. Will help so many. So special your family embraced you.

    Excellent point, everyone story is different. Those who are LGBTQ need to do what is in their highest interest.
    The fear that family and friends will not love them is huge. Real love, unconditional love is always available as new friends and family are found.
    Good wishes!

  10. Hello you 2, I follow you for some time on instagram – had no idea that you got an YouTube channel. I just saw your guys video of coming out. And I just want to thank you for sharing it – but the best thing i liked – that you guys said to your followers, or that girl or that boy who wants to come out, that they can message you, if they need some help or advice.. this is very nice, because of the anonymity of the internet (please don’t get me wrong) it could help, that people can get some well-intentioned advice may it be just a word who helps them, this is very kind of you guys🖤🖤🖤

  11. I came out when I was 30. Yeah kind of late in life. My family flat out reject me. My father even try to kill me by firing off his 12 gauge shotgun. Needless to say I have no contact with them except my brother who is accepting or sort of. Right now at 36 I am married just celebrated our 4 year on Sept. 22 and life goes on.

  12. Hi guys!
    When I was a teen in the 70s, even just being THOUGHT of as being gay got the crap beat out of you at school. Then I graduated at 17 in 1981, and AIDS was there, there was hatred towards gays due to that, it was "God's punishment for gays evil ways", so I still didn't dare come out, and lived 10 years celebrate in fear of getting it.
    My mother was,anti gay, and my father never said much one way or the other, but always followed mother's paths and ideas.
    I didn't come out until I was,32!. My (secret ….aka "roommate ") boyfriend and I had a fight, so I got drunk. My father came by and I told him " "D (name withheld) is not my room mate, he's my boyfriend, dad, I'm gay, and we just had a fight and I got drunk, I'm in no shape for mother". He starred at the wall, and said he did not understand that, but also didn't understand why I was,drunk. I knew he would tell my mother. One thing that gave me the courage, drunk or not, to tell them was,that I figured I'd toss the ball into their court , if tgey disowned me, that was,THEIR problem, but mine. I could no longer live a lie w aitibg for them to due so I could just BE MYSELF . They did not disown me. The only thing my mother said/asked was "why didn't you tell us sooner"? I told her a the hurtful thibgs she said AGAINSTgays was,why. She had a devastating disease,I grew up with, she had a series of strokes,and lost her ability to communicate 3 years later, she passed away 5 years,after that in 2003. My father said I was still his son no matter what, even when members of his family told him to disown me. In 2000 I got together with my now husband, but my mother had lost all speech, so we don't really know what she thought of him, but she seems to nod her head to him, maybe that was a confirmation. We'll never know. In 2000, my now husband was not out to his parents, he's just a few years older than I. I made him come out to them as I told him I wasn't playing the "room mate game" any more. He told his father via email, but wanted to tell his mother (who was German) in person. Lol, he chickened out the day he was to tell her, so I looked at her and in my best German said "ich eine schwule "( I am gay). She looked startled, and then he repeated what I said, and she looked at me, looked at him, looked,at me again, pointed to me and then to him and said "and you two (Are a couple)?" We both said yes. So I was 32 in '95, he was 41 in '00 when we each came out to our parents.( Hes 4 years older than i). His father said the same mine did. We eloped and went to Vermont in 2002 to get a civil union marriage, the very first legalization of gay unions, then after N.Y. passed marriage equality in 2011, we got legally married on our 10th civil union anniversary almost to the hour in 2012. Both father's refused to attend our small wedding, my mother had passed, and his mother had a massive stroke and was bed ridden. She wanted so bad to attend, but my FIL said no. So we got married witnessed by 2 friends in a small party and took pictures to my MIL. That part is sad to us. That our fathers appear to accept us and the other of our marriage ( both will call us "son in laws"), but refused to watch as,we tied the legal knot. My MIL passed away in 2013, having never seen her only child actually get married. Only through pictures. But at 90 and 84, they grew up in an even entirely different period of time than we did. I'm glad our young people today can be them selves, and have a lot of support that was,non existent when we were growing up. Even if your parents decide tgey nothing to do with you if you cone out to them. You have options today we never had. By the way we both knew when we,we're about 5 or 6 we,we're interested in other boys not girls, and knew by puberty whst it meant, but at that time knew we could never breath it aloud. Thanks for sharing your stories pj and Thomas, and thanks for reading mine. K

  13. I always love seeing these kinds of videos. It took me a long time to come out to myself and accept the fact that I was gay and I was 18. I came out to my first friend when I was 19 because I knew that I could trust him and then a few more friends a couple months later. I'm 20 now and I'm terrified to come out to my family because I've heard some of the things that they've said on the subject, so right now only some friends know 🙂
    I love that you guys made this video, and I'm hoping to make my own someday XD

  14. 13, and, 14. My best friend, and, I were writing a story, and, my two main characters were gay. As I developed them, I became curious. Turns out, I like both genders! I came out to her, first. She was like, "Cool." Then, I told my crush about a month after. She was like, "Awesome, 'cause, so, am I." A few months after, I came out to my Drama Club. I had to tell a few people about my girl. My best friend's soon to be boyfriend laughed, but, accepted it. I told my twin sister that same day. I'm telling my parents on my 14th birthday.
    Okay, that comment wasn't necessary. But, I felt like my comment needed explanation, and, I went to far. Sorry

  15. I was outed at 17, in high school by my best friend at the time, but my family and real friends already knew and they still love me. Thanks for sharing your stories guys.

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