1. You are an inspiration to all your true friends. Don't be afraid. When you find the one you love, hold him, kiss him, hold his hand, cry on his shoulder.

    Tell him that you love him. That's what true love is.

  2. Hello I'm Michael and I am working with Diamond in the Rough Publishing on their next publication This is Who We Are. A book filled with inspiring coming out experiences and we would like your story to be a part of it. If interested in sharing your story with Diamond in the Rough are the world to help others with acceptance then contact us at why8pride.gmail.com

  3. Woo look at me commenting on both of your videos!! But your videos are amazing! I can tell your channel will go far!!! Im bisexual and it's really hard to go around school because people hate all the time here. It's really sad but I realized that there are haters in this world, but that's their problem. But I think you are amazing!!! I'm 17 and these are the hard years in my life. You are totally inspiring!!! I love making internet friends so I'll be your friend! 🙂 But i know what it's like to be sad and anxious. Coming out is one of the hardest things to do, and i'm super glad you did!!! But yeah my dude ill totally be your friend if you want too! Also like you said I was afraid to tell my brothers as well. But i've learned to just keep my head up and keep a smile on my face. Honestly gay people make me happy and they are the best out there! 🙂

  4. The world is constantly changing, and at a rapid pace. You are a rock for other LGBTQ's to cling to, helping them get their footing for their own identity. Be proud of yourself and of who you are!

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