1. I've known this since i found this channel a couple years back. It's been kind of obvious but good on you for coming out. Congrats dude its awesome. Also suuuuper late

  2. I know David for 11 Years now. As you told me that something is different with your sexual interests six years ago, I worried about you of beeing unlucky and trapped because of that. I am glad to see you finally relieved.

    Btw, I've never had the feeling, that you behaved in a weird way when we spent time together. You even pinched my crunch in seventh grade! 😀 (M.)

    Wish you all the best mate, just keep grinding! 🙂

  3. Hello Leute,
    (Ich schreib auf Deutsch um mich mal von der Masse abzuheben😂😏)
    Ich finde es echt cool, dass ihr uns darüber informiert und auch mega Respekt, das vor soooo vielen Leuten zu sagen. Ich bin selber auch gay und kann mich mit deiner storry David mega gut identifizieren😊 vor allem dass man es selber iwie nicht wahrhaben will dass man gay ist (war bei mir auch eins zu eins das selbe)

    Macht so weiter wie bisher und alles gute euch❤❤


  4. Congratulations on your Youtube coming out! It's wonderful that your family embraced you fully as you are and I hope and expect your followers to (mostly) do the same.

    I do want to say something about the comments I see below. "We knew, we knew, we already knew hahaha…" The point of this video is not what you knew. He is not just saying "I'm gay," he is talking about his struggle with growing up gay and his coming out process. Did you know his whole story? I doubt it. What's more, when somebody comes out, saying "I already knew hahaha" is not an appropriate reaction, at all. It is not supportive, it is not kind, it is not intelligent, it is not helpful. You'd think gay people at least would know better, but apparently some of us need to attend finishing school and learn some basic manners.

  5. Comme Of Style

    Hey Freddy and David,

    I never posted a comment on a video before. I just created a channel to be able to post a little something here.

    Finally, I’m saying for the first time online (not that I want to, I don’t feel the need, I know who I am and I’m proud of it), I’m gay. Watching your video, I just felt like I had to say something. One more reason is that it is Pride’s month.

    First of all, your video was so pure, I loved it. It was just a guy sitting in front of a camera, telling naturally what’s on his heart. It was touching and beautiful in simplicity.

    Reading Freddy’s message was so touching too. I just feel like you guys are the perfect representation of friendship, and mutual understanding. The fact that two “gay” (sorry I do not like to use this word, no categorising should be needed) guys have “that kind of a thing” that is not about love but a profound amity is simply amazing. It shows that we are not what stigmatisation want us to be, only lovers (if people even accept it as love), but that we are like everyone else: human beings, just trying to get along with what we call life. I have been watching your videos for a long time, and you both are kind of a role model to me. Even more now that I know that you two are not about coming out, because it is not needed. Why do we have to “get out”? Why do one feel the need to ask? The fact that your relatives and friends never confronted you, and just continued without changing anything is incredibly touching and beautiful.

    Your both stories are amazing, even if sometimes it might have been difficult emotionally.

    Just keep doing what you have been doing the past three years, your content is always so good and nicely presented!

    Love you guys.


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