COMING OUT – Award Winning Short Film

Two best friends, Lukas and Chris, have trouble expressing, their feelings about each other. Shut in by their insecurities, they both seek advice from the person they’d least expect.

Winner of the SRVUSD Student Recognition Project


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  2. Feeling the need to cut is no way to show you your solution to the problem, perhaps talking to someone just like on the short film Trevor project or Matthew Shepard texting one that is a total stranger and no identity needs to be given. If you do have a fear of being homeless remember reach out to your friends other family, neighbor, worst case scenario find shelters that are for youth groups, get a social worker from your county, if mentally challenged call the mental health in your county, or seek emergency care final option if no one takes you in. I know it seems not someone you may want but at least you be safe. You tell them you feel your in danger and don’t feel safe. Their put you in a unit we’re their will be people with extremely mentally challenged people at that time you will have time to think about your strategies and talk to the stuff about getting you transitional housing or if you find temporary housing just keep finding low income housings in your area. If you need help have a social worker in your county help you or a Librarian they may just have all the important crucial information you need to get ahead also look for lgbt 🏳️‍🌈 housing or support.

  3. It's hard for me to take these types of films seriously when they always make one of the closeted kids a cutter. Most people do not cut themselves and the fact that so many of these films turn these gay kids into cutters is just very unrealistic.

  4. Praise be to Jesus Christ.
    LGBT is a devil’s organisation – at first glance looking nice, but really created to destroy humanity. Love is the best thing in the world. It is a right for all and a duty for those who follow Jesus Christ. But with sexuality is completely different. Sexuality (created by God for having children not for pleasure in itself) is allowed only for married men and women. And only married in the Catholic Church and swearing in front of God. All other forms of sexuality are mortal sins and can cost people their souls. Of course, this is allowed by governments, but they do not work for Jesus Christ, but for devil. By the way in „The Book of Truth” Jesus Christ said, that God will never accept marriages of the same gender people even if they will be performed in His Church. Did you know that satan can whisper thoughts into your mind? You have the feeling these are your thoughts, but it's only temptation. So is also with LGBT. Look independently for the truth. Don’t listen to your enemies pretending your best friends.
    Stay with God in The Holy Trinity and Mary Mother of Salvation.

  5. Endurance medal for anyone who managed to suffer the dreadful acting and dialogue for longer than the first minute.Unforgivably unwatchable – gays deserve better.

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