Coming Out at Age 14 | Queer from the Couch

This weeks episode of Queer from the Couch features Brandon Beson, talking about what its like being 18 years old, and openly gay in the 21st century. So much has changed since the 1900’s when many men lived closeted and double lives as both outwardly straight men, whom on the inside were actually gay. In Part 1 of Justin’s interview with Brandon, the focus is on when he came out, and how that changed the dynamic at home with his family. Come back next Wednesday for Part 2, where he dives into some of the ways in which he helped take care of himself while dealing with the struggle of depression, and anxiety because he is gay, and having an unaccepting father.

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Directed & Edited by Ed Fritz


  1. I hated being closeted
    I knew who I was
    so I came out as bisexual lol
    I know he probably had his own reasons I'm a gay man too We have to do some things even though we do not want to to keep ourselves safe

  2. Lol I said I was bi too. I did have intercourse w a girl 2x in 11th grade, but that just made me even more sure I was only into men. The relationship dynamic did change with my family but it's not all bad. Now I'm 35 and in gay years I'm ancient. Still looking for my Romeo lol.
    I came out bi at 15 n my Dad's the same way. It gets better, dad will come around.

  3. Some people are lucky, some of us live in countries were coming might be the end of it for us.
    The constant worrying and trying so hard to fit, it's torture, the sense of hopelessness and loneliness is tiring.
    Can't wait for all of it to be over, to fall into that eternal night.

  4. Dear Justin, everytime i watch your network, i can not get my eyes off you, today i wanna say that am very much attracted to you and i wish to meet you one day in person.

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