Coming Out As An Undocumented Immigrant – Latino Voices

More than 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States, many in fear of being deported, losing jobs or getting separated from their family. Telling someone you’re undocumented can be emotional, cathartic or downright terrifying – these are the stories of several young people who took that risk, and why.

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  2. dont you know illegals invented air planes and tv and movies and lights and cars an everything we use and we should bow down to them ans say thank you NOT europeans did we made all that they just use it and complain about whitey and all his sweet toys they want for there own

  3. how the hell you get away with any documents when i get hurassat for mine to rent or drive or even to open a bank account and to tuen on lights in my house to pay a bill in my name my kids had to have paper to go to school every time we movied so someone is stealing IDs from americans and hurting there lives that is a big crime i hate people that steal IDs

  4. do they know if any american was to be in there country with out papers like they are here the americans would not have any rights and would be jailed and treat way worst then they are here so maybe they should look at from that point pf view to how much nicer we are then there own country is to us

  5. I would be embarrassed to not hiding that fact that your illegal be embarrassed that your parents were such cowards because they ran from their country. Think about it look at us as Americans do you think that we would put or tails between or legs and run from anything or country we stand our ground and fight.🇺🇸 show your balls.

  6. We are a country of LEGAL immigrants plus. My grandfather was from Spain his family came to Mexico via the forced change religion die or leave Spain bc your Jewish. He met my grandmother (of equal but lesser financial means a S. American Indian) BOTH CAME HERE LEGALLY. My grandmother was granted permission but waited on my grandfather approval before leaving Mexico. My other grandfather was given expedited refugee status leaving Holland during the Nazi occupation. His wife my grandmother came from Canada. All three grandparents WAITED applied took their turn. My one grandfather waited 10 yrs. There is no excuse for sneaking across the border bc of proximity you hold some precedent of others who don't. I'm a descendant of legal immigrants who is going to fight for those who wait and are still waiting to come here legally,. I am going to oppose and vote that no illegal getting legal citizenship w/o going through the same process others have to.

  7. One thing that the mainstream media avoids reporting on “at all costs” is the number of undocumented people who “don’t live well” in the U.S. I’ve seen countless numbers of undocumented people living in tents along the border in various parts of the U.S. Basically, these folks traded a hut in Central America for a tent in the U.S. On top of that, none of their jobs in the U.S. are “secure.” How can any of these people in tents complain about being deported? Being sent back to Central America is basically a “lateral move.” They get to be reunited with their family and friends back home, where everybody speaks the same language and has the same cultural norms. Here in the U.S., many undocumented people are treated as “persona non grata” wherever they go. Why live with stress like that?

  8. People who enter a country in full knowledge that they are breaking the law and then comsume services paid for by legal citizens are just lazy, parasitic criminals. 20% already do 80% of the work, so we don't need any more unprincipled lazy scroungers with no honour.

  9. people of native decent mix beutifully with spinard or whatever there mixed with have always been here and if mot there fathers fathere fathers fathers have always been here and alwasy will be

  10. people of native decent mix beutifully with spinard or whatever there mixed with have always been here and if mot there fathers fathere fathers fathers have always been here and alwasy will be

  11. illegal immigrants need to stop the invasion of our country. Go back to Mexico then apply to come to America legally. Don't expect us to welcome your illegal already took enough of our tax payer benifits.

  12. Donald Trump have declared war on Latino. This is not talk of war.This is not rumors of war.This is war war War on Latino and immigrants. This is an all out war on Latino and immigrants.

  13. I had 3 Latinos without insurance (1 undocumented with no license with no insurance ) damage/destroy 3 of my cars since moving to WIsconsin. All the accidents were their fault. Speedy, drunk driving, fleeing and trying to get away. In addition my Latino neighbor lit their apartment on fire displacing my wife, child and I. I asked the Latino community for help and they refused.

  14. .If a person crosses the border, they usually come for a better life. Not to ruin all humanity. People complain they're stealing jobs. But, yet they're taking the jobs you don't want. Being field workers, bending over to lift fruits and vegetables until their backs ache. For only few pennies and dollars. I don't know if they get minimum wage or not. They should get payed more. Some people wait for other people to pick them off the streets, desperate for a job. Sweeping, cleaning dishes and then even cleaning the damn toilet. And you don't apply for any of these jobs do you? So before you go complaining we steal all else good or ruin all else good, please remember what I said. *Please note I don't mean to offend anyone, and if you're voting, I don't care who you're voting for, I still care about you. Even if you hate me. I'm not going to spend the rest of my life being a color.

  15. To all concern, please try to help stop the KILLINGS of Americans by illegal aliens as it is making things worse. There is a very long list of American citizens KILLED by illegal aliens.

  16. If you have no legal right to live in a country, you are an illegal alien, pure and simple. You think America is the only country who has citizenship laws? Try that sh*t in Japan or Mexico or … LITERALLY ANYWHERE!

  17. How has illegal immigrants personally effected me?
    Latinos moved into the apartment above me.
    All night their children are running wild in the apartment. Loud screams, loud music and loud TV.
    Could not reason with them…. everything turned into hostility and accusations of racism.
    Got up (barely) and left for the park. Drove far to ensure a quiet area.
    The park was packed with Latinos. Loud music everywhere.
    I walked into the woods to get away.
    They had thrown garbage everywhere in what is usually a very clean park.
    Fine, I will clean it up and settle.
    Less than 10 minutes into my quiet and relaxation, packs of Latinos walk within reaching distance of me, screaming, yelling and laughing. Complete disregard for me.
    So I leave. A hour of driving wasted.
    I attend one of my regular eateries. Usually quiet.
    Not to be today. Just three Latinos and a ultra liberal white are yelling and screaming about latino profiling. Their discussion is emotional and loud. I ask for a doggy bag. I leave.

  18. You should already be able to become a citizen aren't you? Go and become a citizen America loves you with open arms, well the democrats of course.❤️ I'm a democrat

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