Coming Out

Sexual orientation refers to who you feel attracted to romantically or sexually. It’s totally normal to have intense attractions during puberty. Your feelings may be so strong that they aren’t necessarily directed toward a particular type of person, but instead seem to come out of nowhere. People who identify as gay or lesbian find that over time their attraction to people of the same gender gets more clearly focused. Right now, you may find yourself falling for a classmate or developing a crush on a particular person. You may even find these experiences pleasurable, troubling, or a mix of the two. Don’t worry, as you get older it may become clearer. For many it’s a journey, and your attractions may even change over the years.

AMAZE takes the awkward out of sex ed.

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  1. I only told girls I was bi at first. It was really hard to tell my guy friends because I didn’t want them telling other people, or thinking I had a crush on them. I had to tell people slowly. One at a time. Even one person a week. But it was progress. This video basically reflects what happened when I told my best friend. I was really nervous, but he accepted me for who I was, and I’m glad.

  2. Lmao its so ture when i came out i thought my mum and dad might hate me because you Christians lol but they loved me anyway i got to say love my mum and dad

  3. Guys, it’s totally ok to be that way. Your not alone, there are many out there like you. So many people disrespect these types of people but it’s just the way they think! Don’t feel weird or left out because it’s not your fault. If anyone says ANYTHING or does ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. You can just say to them, what the hell man, that’s just who I am! To any people who are like this, don’t feel left out, if you want to tell someone, just blurt it out, it’s okay! You will feel good after you have done said something you thought you’d never say, to any gay people out there that are having trouble telling the truth, we’ve got your back!

  4. I got caught doing makeup(Im a guy) and it sucks having to hyperventilate over the thought that people wont accept you and sucks even more if they dont

  5. Hey everyone, if somebody could give me some advice I’d be super grateful. I am bisexual, I’ve known for awhile, there’s never been any confusion. I have a gay grandparent, a gay cousin, and my dad’s cousin is gay. My parents are super supportive of them. Lately, they’ve been buying pride gear like rainbow flags and all that. Although they are very supportive people, I feel like they don’t understand bisexuality very well. They seem to think you can only be gay or straight. One time, my mom’s friend came over and they were discussing sexuality because the friend’s daughter had recently come out as bisexual. I was correcting a lot of misconceptions they and my mom had. After they left, I continued the night as normal, but when my mom came in to say goodnight, she asked if I was bi. I don’t know if she meant it, but her tone was just very interrogative as if she didn’t want me to answer yes, so I just said no and told her I only knew this much because I have a lot of LGBT friends. I’m worried that although they are supportive of gay people, my parents won’t be supportive of me being bi. I’m not ashamed of who I am but I just don’t want them to see me differently. I’ve never really felt the need to come out. I don’t know if it makes sense, but I want to tell them I’m bi without having to tell them or without having to come out. LGBT people shouldn’t have to come out, we should just stop assuming straight is the default and let people love who they want to love without a label. Part of me just wants to take a boy home one day and surprise them. But in summary, what would be a good way to come out to them without having the whole “Mom, Dad, I’m bi” talk?

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