Coming Out

Thank you to all of the LGBTQIA+ youtubers for sharing their stories, which helped me through so many confused and lonely times. Thank you to everyone in this community for encouraging a safe space for us to be ourselves. And thank you to all of the LGBTQIA+ people from generations before us, who paved the way for our safe spaces to be a reality.

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  1. I learned about all this stuff in my 30s. The struggle is real. I'm so proud of you and I hope I can find your courage at some point in my life. I have finally talked to my wife, so that was probably the hardest part. But that's where we are. One talk. You are so inspiring, even to the middle and later aged people who are discovering these things.

  2. I've been going back through all of Jack's videos to help me feel better about my gender confusion, and I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders watching this.

  3. Jackson, it's amazing to see how far you've come. This video & everything that follows has been a huge source of inspiration and hope for me, thank you so much for sharing it.

  4. 3.5 years ago I saw this video and finally came to the conclusion that it was time for me to come out. I saw the courage it took for you to come out as trans that I knew it was my time to do that for myself. On May 25th, 2015 I came out as FtM and started hormones a few months after. Over three years later I am so thankful for this video as I believe it single handedly gave me the courage to come out. So thank you for that.

  5. When I was here years ago (the day you released the video) I didn’t really understand? I’m sorry for not being one of the fans that supported you back then, I was an unaware teenager. I remembered about you today because of Eddie redmayne and I was like oH I used to watch him!! Just here to tell you, as the person I’ve become today, you were so brave to do this❤️ I’m here to support you today and thank you so much for creating awareness and being one of the inspirational creators that taught me more about this community!

  6. I wish I could like this video a hundred times, this is soooo important!! you have come so far and grown into the fine man you were always meant to be. So proud of you Jackson <3

  7. So it took me a really long time to find this video
    (This is an amazing video, btw)
    I watched your 2018 video with Ash Hardell on gender euphoria on their channel
    And then, because of a comment that was made, I watched "Will It Waffle" until I found the first video with you as Jackson on the title page of the intro scene
    And then I found this video
    Is good

  8. OMG! It's a baby bird! (Sorry, this video appeared on my dash and I thought it was one of your more recent videos, I didn't expect to see you as a small) This is an amazing video, it's awesome to see how far you've come!

  9. Trust me dude. My dysphoria is getting worse too XDcant hide shit. Im scared of changing yet I want to so badly to be me finally! I for some reason always wanted to find a home. Think I know why now. Im sick of my name, my genderroles. I look up to the guys all the time and want to be like them: fit and boyish, flirting and all is fine, hanging with the legs open like your junks out, just showing chest, be proud of your muscles or the attempt to at least…. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA haaaaalp

  10. Found you recently. Came back to watch this. You're a goddam inspiration.
    I'm a cis woman lucky enough to have not had to fight to be accepted in society, and I am honoured to learn about your journey and trans issues in general along with you. Thank you for sharing.

    You're important. And you're doing the world a favour. I have a 9 year old daughter and I hope to raise her with intelligence and an open mind so that less people like you feel alone or ostracized. These videos are so so important. Well done.

  11. The first video I saw of your s was choosing your name as a transgender person.
    When I first watched this video. I have watched this video SO MANY times since then. And every single time I watch it, I cry or at least tear up. I ham 4 months on T and will soon be telling my parents. I am SO terrified, but your content makes me at least hopeful.

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