Coming Out


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  1. I've been watching a lot of you're videos after being directed to them by Hannah Witton. I know this video is a couple of years old now & you're hair colour has changed but I thought I'd just mention that with you're darker hair you remind me of Amy Winehouse 😮

  2. My mom made it very clear that her Uncle Ray had a boyfriend, named Ro, who he lived with and loved very much and called his boyfriend her uncle too even though they were never legally married, and that if my brother or I would come out as gay she wouldn't bat an eyelash but if we "came out" as homophobic she might disown us. I fucking love my mom, cause I'm gay af and I knew she'd be cool with it since the start.

  3. They somehow didn't even know :/ my mom took it worse then my dad. I went one day to tell my mother because I thought she was going to take it easier then my dad,she was almost horrified and the expression of her face broke me…..

  4. Stevie you’ve always been and continue to be so stunningly gorgeous. Thank you for making content we need and just being yourself. You’re such an encouragement to me, I wish my family would react that way if I told them that I’m gay.

  5. I freaking cried just of how sweat and pure her reaction was I’m not realy that emotional but this shit made me cry. ♡ It’s beautiful to see so much support these days I feel blessed to may live in this time ♡ Greating from Belgium xx

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