Coming Out

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Here’s the video that helped me come out to myself:

Thank you Jessie Paege! You’re such an inspiration and I love you! I’m glad they put your video back up because I was truly heartbroken. Continue being the uniquely amazing person that you are. Maybe one day we can binge watch Disney movies together, starting with Ratatouille 🙂


  1. uwu This is Carissa's best friend, Skylar, and as someone who is in the LGBTQ+ community, trans and pan, this is a really neat video. The editing is 👌🏽 and the self reflection is very forgiving and progressive. Good luck, welcome and hope to see you @ pride! 🏳️‍🌈

  2. I am glad it is getting 'easier' for people (especially young people) now. I came out circa 1976 to a close straight friend- but had a 'heck of a time' for years. Like you said the worst part was 'rejection' from other gay people to the effect I was very masculine and conservative- and didn't 'buy into the scene' back then.

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