College Football Player Comes Out Of The Closet: My Coming Out Story

Here’s what it’s like to be a closeted gay football player in Southwest Virginia. Being gay does NOT define you. It’s a part of who YOU are. Never stop being you. Social Platforms: @pk514 @mr_mikeyV

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  1. Dutch people are usually very liberal so I'm not surprised your family was so accepting despite where they settled in the US. And your mom's reaction was very Dutch too, very "nuchter"!

  2. You do not have to tell anyone you're gay. This will only destroy your life. Do not tell anyone. It will only do you harm. Even because today it is not good to detail what happens in our lives for everyone. Do not tell anyone. Advice from a real friend.

  3. I am always so touched and moved by your videos especially your coming out stories, right now I to am struggling with coming out to a lot of people just because of what kind of world we live in. My mother knows and all my friends but that’s about it, then I ran into a quote on Facebook that said Once You Become Fearless, Life Becomes Limitless. I have been living by that ever since when it comes to everything not just coming out, and then hearing about all the support you guys get and seeing comments people leave you makes me believe that I will have that to, Love you guys.

  4. We always think we can handle when a parent dies and that we’re ready, especially if they are sick. when it happens , it is nothing like what we expected and there is no way to be ready. I am so sorry for your loss, I of course didn’t know your father, but I am sure he would be very proud of the man you turned out to be. Love you both , me.

  5. I think you are just amazing…. Love your honesty.,. You two are just fantastic and you make gay so ordinary. You explain things in such a simple way… Love Gerry Dublin Ireland

  6. You are the only one who is you and that is your power. Stand in your power and speak your truth because you matter. And continue to love yourself for that is where your power comes from.

  7. Your stories are so positive. Have you guys ever thought of speaking at high school campuses ? High school can be a really tough place for a lot of people , gay or straight. Just think that truth is powerful and kids will listen.

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