Cocky Tops

Why are you my kryptonite? I seriously hate guys who are all about themselves and who feel entitled to any ass. Yet literally nothing makes me want to be on my knees more than a confident, cocky man who knows he deserves to be treated like a king.

There’s a tight rope to walk, and there better be more depth to you if we’re gonna make this a regular thing, but god damn it the sex is good.


  1. He needs to be dominant and take charge in bed, but that’s the only context he can be arrogant and selfish, not disrespectful. There’s definitely a line between when it’s acceptable for him to make me his bitch and when he needs to appreciate me being a bad bitch

  2. I think there’s a difference between a bedroom persona and a outside personality. In the bedroom or flirting, a guy who’s willing to assert dominance, sexual desire, and take control can be really hot. Outside of sex or play, selfishness and egocentric behavior can be a real turn-off. In general, if a guy isn’t self aware enough to be able to laugh at himself at times, I tend to avoid any LTR with him.

  3. Just know when I’m inside of you that I’m in charge and will make sure you are taken care of

  4. God Yes, for the right cocky, overzealous douchebag I’d probably move half-way across the country and start living as a housewife just to be comfortably put in my place on the regular. I kind of get why so many women end up in not so great relationships with dicks lol.

  5. As long as there is no bottom shaming out of context and consented it’s ok for me. I’m more vers, but to each their own.

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