Club XXL decided to book Dj Pagano as a headliner of their party for this year London Gay Pride. We can’t compliment this decision enough as being very honest – thanks to that – we had for the very first time during London Pride seriously amazing party.
PULSE London, home of XXL, is in our opinion the best venue on London gay scene with its supersize, high ceiling arches, great sound system and fantastic lasers. Bringing to this environment one of the most desirable DJs on the gay scene could not result in anything else but an amazing event.
Pagano with his vast experience of rocking crowds around the world at the biggest gay events including parties in Amnesia or Space in Ibiza, La Demence in Brussels, Amsterdam’s Rapido and list could go on and on; playing in the past for so many different type of audiences – starting from mainstream massive parties at Circuit festival all the way to his more preferred underground sound of techouse or techno at smaller parties – he knew how to take London crowd for the 4 hours long musical journey.
Some regulars of XXL were questioning before the party if Pagano’s sound would not be too hard comparing to what usually is being played at this venue – but these worries were completely unnecessary – as if there is any DJ who can read the crowd and take them step by step even to unknown musical territories without losing their interest – is exactly him in person.
When he was taking over control of DJ booth – dance floor was already packed and full of energy. Uplifting set spanned by DJ Christian M had the crowd dancing at the full speed and waiting even for more. Pagano smoothly managed to take over from there, starting with a few more melodic tracks eventually to move to his more characteristic darker and harder sound. At 6 AM he handed over full dancefloor to resident Alex Logan who took over with his signature style.
It was great to see London having a fantastic party with quality music, and it was visible how audience loved it.
For us personally – we can say that for the very first time we had 100% perfect party experience in London. Great venue with fantastic facilities, enough space for dance, drink in the bar area, reasonable prices and friendly staff including security (what in London is very rare sadly) now with our personally favourite style of music! Really looking forward to future events in XXL with Pagano on the line-up. In fact, we know that quite a few our friends from other European countries, where we party usually, are planning their trips to London to see Pagano in this smashing Club!


  1. Cldnt make it that night. Gutted.
    Love Pagano, love xxl but don't like the music they usually play…
    XXL please bring him on again and some other good djs…

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