Clothing-Optional Gay Palm Springs!

I spent 3 days in Palm Springs with a few other people in the LGBT media/press industry and checked out all kinds of cool places, including some that were clothing optional! I also took off most of my clothes in a gay bar… which you’ll understand better when you watch this video! XD Click “Show More” to see links to everything I did and if you’re new please SUBSCRIBE!

Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism:
Gay Desert Guide:
Casitas Laquita:
Tool Shed:
Cafe Europa:
Desert Adventures:
Rio Azul:
Kaiser Grille:
Arenas Road:
Toucans Tiki Lounge:
Indian Canyons:
Townie Bagel:
Eight 4 Nine:
Aerial Tramway:
Purple Room:
The Judy Show:
Ernest Coffee:
Art Museum:

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  1. I noticed that you thanked the Bureau of tourism for Palm Springs and I was wondering if you had worked out some comps with them for your trip there? Please understand that there's nothing shady about my enquiry but I was just curious seeing that you have a YouTube channel with a nice following so maybe they offered you that upon your asking.

  2. what fun!ย  after being ashamed of ourselves as gay people ย for a couple hundred years (and having no rights) we are OUT of the closet and making up for lost time!ย  hooray!

  3. so you think Palms Spring a great location to celebrate wedding anniversary? or u think it be to crazy!! any ways planning on a surprise trip for my husband, we will be celebrating our 6 yrs together/ 3rd year wedding anniversary in December? what do u recommend we can do at Springs during December, and do u think weather will be COLD ??? I hope to hear f or you or some one!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The place looks beautiful and it looks like you had fun. I commented on your Stephen Fry video on one of my other channels a few ago cos I felt the way I handled things before was not that good so I recommended and I feel I handled the situation better this time so you can take a look if you want. the place looks peaceful. great video and well done

  5. Appreciate the compressed travelog(u)e format for the vlog: so much to record! You looked totally delighted and energized so something to think about for the future in that perhaps.

  6. I love Palm Springs, and that's why we're moving there in early 2016! Come back once we get there, look me up, and let's go party!!!!! Great video, BTW.

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