CLOSET Cheating (Tutorial)

Today I decided to upload a video teaching you guys how to closet cheat in cs:go… I am going over the basic stuff like “Movement, Aimbot and Visuals” I recommend using air strafe and edge jump to get a better movement and I recommend using a low fov (1-2) aimbot and 4-6 tick backtrack and using triggerbot can be useful sometimes. I don’t really recommend using visuals but if you can hide it why not use it?

(I forgot to mention that I use wheel up to jump, and also I recommend using Bhop script).

Email : [email protected]

Outro Music : Vicetone – Nevada (ft. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)


  1. anyway it's easy without airstrafe and edgejump lul just play kz and improve your skill in movement why this shit is in my recomends

  2. Using backtrack on competitive (while not recording or streaming) above 6 is fine (people will cry in game) because the ow demo doesnt show it if i am correct

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