An Ex Girl From One Of Your Favorite Male R&B Singers Leaks His Naked Cell Phone Pix In The Bathroom!

One Of Chris Brown’s Ex Chicks drops off & leaks Breezy’s bathroom sexting pix! Its not clear if the girl is planning to drop anymore.
Browns new album F.A.M.E is due to be released on March 22nd.


  1. Worst part about it is everyone know he leaked these him self he like the attention the problem now is you can lis about how how super skinny your pee pee is shame on you Chris you are not all that! Mines bigger than yours and I'm wht!

  2. DISAPPOINTING with all the hype surrounding these pics when I got the chance to see them my bubble popped I wuz like that's it?! It looks like a damn smokey link what a bummer.

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