Chris Bosh Gay Moments PART 2 *HD*

It took about 2 months to make a Part 2 due to itsreal85’s lack of making videos. Part3 is going to be all of my skits, (trust me they wont be bad!)


Song: Now it’s Over by Chief Keef


  1. I don't get how you're eating off of itsreal85's work. I know you credit him, but it makes no sense to just reupload it when the original hasn't even been taken down. Does Youtube pay you for this shit?

  2. between high-top homo, the homo in this video, that homo who thinks he's black but he's really just a scrawny-white-trash wannabe center too uncoordinated to do anything else but be tall, and a homo from the shittiest place on earth (obviously cleveland) – they're easily the gayest team ever assembled.

  3. the real gay is you fuckers.i am tired to hear you guys telling bosh is gay.the guy is doing his job in a way he could and help the miami heat each night to win.stop that joke otherwise you the real fucking gay

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