cheap diy bag seed closet grow DAY 41 BLUE DREAM(flowering stage update) “the bag seed project”

18+ video is intended for prop215 patients

Hows it going guys in this video ill be showing you a real cheap diy closet grow (flowering stage update) “the bag seed project”

Check out the start of the bag seed project here –

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  1. lol i been commenting alot my bad but what are you doing about the smell cuz the whole up stairs of my house stinks and ther not even as big as yours yet

  2. id say get ur lights of amazon bro they dont fuck around i orderd 2 decent size lights only cost 70 bucks n it got to my house in like 3 days

  3. good job in showing how little you can get by with. it dont look like its going to produce a lot but your still getting something..

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