Charlie Sheen: ‘I’m HIV Positive,’ Paid Many Who Threatened To Expose Me | TODAY

In an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer, actor Charlie Sheen says, “I’m here to admit that I am in fact HIV positive.” He says that reports that he has threatened the health of others “couldn’t be farther than the truth.” He says he first found out about his status “about four years ago” and initially thought he had a brain tumor. He says that he has paid people who threatened to reveal his HIV status, “They were deep in my inner circle,” he says, and adds, “we’re talking about shakedowns.” In terms of paying people now, he says, “I think I release myself from this prison today.” He admits that he has had unprotected sex since his diagnosis, but that the two people involved were forewarned, and that he has told all his sexual partners about his status.
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Charlie Sheen: ‘I’m HIV Positive,’ Paid Many Who Threatened To Expose Me | TODAY


  1. Matt Lauer looks like a metrosexual turd. I guess he is a piece of sh!t. Oh, bring 2 1/2 men back with Sheen and I’ll show you the new #1 show.

  2. For those of you trolling him about his stuttering.. Keep in mind that Charlie Sheen did a lot of drugs.. hard core drugs for years. Cocaine is truly the devil. It causes severe neurological damage to the brain. Especially if you’ve been an addict for years. I know someone who used to be an addict of opiates. They’re completely sober now and you can see the damage it caused them. The way they speak and the way they think is impaired.

  3. I never really saw him as the arrogant jerk media tried to protrayed him. He s just quite the Smart guy who tried to deal with his born high sensibility I know lot of people like him. Yet he's gotten tired and humilied kind of mellow over time by defending himself, you can see it in his face now. Quite sad he s lost his past charisma

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