Change Your Look Change Your Life

Hi my Beautiful friends! In this video I share with you the reasons on why your image and appearance matters, and how it can positively change your life. Image is not just about dressing up in nice clothes, it’s actually more about grooming yourself, as well as taking care of your body.
Watch the video for the inside scoop.
Love you!

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  1. It's not just about the message, it's all about how you are delivering the message as well, giving us some positive vibes and u did it in a v cheerful way… Thank u

  2. I work in a call center so there is about 150 people mainly women and the majority of them look like they rolled out out of bed and jumped in their car without a shower or brushing their hair. I was asked by a woman, why do you dress up everyday? I told her why not? it probably takes me just as much time to throw on something slummy than to throw on something nice. It takes me 30 minutes to get ready and I look great! I am always so surprised by how little people these days care about their appearance. I live in Colorado next to boulder and that has a ton to do with it. The style here is extremely laid back, it’s almost weird to dress up.

  3. This video spoke to me 🤩
    I relate to your friend because I feel I looked much better a few years ago. Because I used to be more feminine in style and now I don’t make as much of an effort. I was way more put together and that’s missing now. I am going to make more of an effort now because I was much more confident then

  4. Shes ryt if it was easy everyone would b doing tht throwing efforts on thier appearance and thier outfits with accessories inlcuding handbag glasses heels earings ,belts
    I always whenever i go out i always put somch effort onto my dressup and i actually like that and i do it for myself and only ik its way too tough to manage to keep things good always than just to judge easily and not appreciate , my few friends b like ohh u got somuch time always to waste in putting things together with ur outfits we r jus lyk a jeans and top n done. But ur like bag heels ohhh hairstyle even,,, its easy to judge n not understand how mch sumone puts hard effort to bring out all tht i always plan my outfits and keep for the next time i go sumwhere bcoz i like doing

  5. Thanks Mimi. People like to lie to themselves about the looks don't matter saying. Yes it does. If you're dirty looking, people won't respect you or take you seriously, but for some reason they like to lie to other people to make them think looking bad is ok and make them think that's being themselves. Just put in a little bit of effort in your look and see how people treat you.

  6. Thank you i never fix myself up anymore because i had lost everything i had so i just let myself go called it minimalism and just not wanting to because thebthings i had i had reallt valued to where nothing new would make me happy. Hearing your words at 1:45 to wash those 5 outfits andbtake care of yourself really hit hoke an older person told me before when i told her she said my hair looked bad, and to put some makeup on even if i only walk around the front yard indidbstart doing it but it didnt last i hope this time it will. A 2bd cousin told me when i told her i only have two outfits 1 shoe a older person told her you wash them and feel good thank you words are powerful i will teach to my daughter.!

  7. Thats a nice video! I have same problem as your friend i hv pucs of myself when i was younger my appearence was so important but now life has taken over as everything happend so bad for the worst, worse times of my life. Now i work for all fashion brands n i still dont care anymore wat i look like its hard i feel tired and exhausted and i cant be bothered know more when i watched the Chanel runway models im like this is my kind of dressing if only but i feel weight lifes ups and downs takes over so u d9nt care about image appearince. But food i show respect as you say im now tying ti creat it again but certain aapects knocks my confidence. I sometimes feel ugly n upset im a makeup artist a beauty consultant i work in the beauty industry but my own image is created on a client it seems n i dont bother i work all day n study n boy am i tired im always lethargic n tired becuse ill health in past so wat would you say about this? But if you are groomed and you dont havevno knowledge in life the way you look wont matter you have to respect others and respect yourself but if your inner human like nature is vilont how you look wont matter. If your a respected person you carry ur clothesand everthing better thats a game changer. Its true wat u say it does make u feel better. Hopefully ur video will change me thank you

  8. Why do we care about what people will think! Why just not live the life the way it makes us happy! I want everyone reading this comment to believe that don't give a damn to what people say, they aren't responsible for anything! It's your life! Dress up for yourself, not for people. Do what makes you happy and satisfied, not people! So what if they judge, they have nothing to do except for judging! I hope you all understand what I'm trying to say! People have no importance in your life. It is your life, you are the most important thing, believe enough in yourself that others won't affect you. they are nothing than passer-bys!

  9. After 3 children 1 recently diagnosed with autism I feel nothing like my old self. Obviously becoming a mother totally changes your life and is the best thing ever to happen to me. It's been a hard time but so rewarding also I would love to reinvent myself look wise I just don't know where to start …. x

  10. I definitely notice how much differently I am treated when I'm done up vs when I'm looking like a bum. I've often gotten free things, more smile, more people wanting to be my friend and talk to me. Unfortunately it is true, the world we live in is shallow.

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