Calum Scott – “Calum Scott: A Coming Out Story”

Calum Scott was a finalist on the UK’s performance show ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ and thanks to a powerful voice, great songs, and passionate performance style, he’s parlayed it into global acclaim. We’ve previously had him in for a solo performance of “What I Miss Most,” a tribute to his hometown of Hull and a valentine to the way his community there grounds him whenever he feels adrift. This time ’round we spent time with Scott as he recounted a painful part of his young adult life – processing the complex emotions of being a gay teen and letting the world around him aware of his sexual orientation. Friends abandoned him early on, and it hurt. But in a poignant profile, he says he found the courage to be honest about himself through music. “I know that there are people young and old struggling with the same questions, and living with that relentless fear and heartbreak. I make the music I do because I want to inspire the right kind of conversations. If one less kid can grow up without hiding who they are along the way or having to believe that who they love is something that will make them lonely, then everything I went through will be worth it.”

Director: Micah Bickham
Director of Photography: Janssen Powers
Producer: Priya Minhas
Editor: Lika Kumoi

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  1. Genuine gems like this keep making you grander – coming out about an aspect of your character in this case. I'd initially tarred you with a brush at BGT, of a mainstream male orientation – the song you sang seemed about that after all – but no assumptions or excuses, thank you very much for this humbling account – I don't know if anyone reads these comments but a real achievement I think, and really shows more quality in you, so well done.

  2. It's really amazing to hear stories like these and actually think that people like you exist out there and then you look around and see how lonely your life is and no one is really there…

  3. It's sad and painful having to hide who you are especially if you keep it locked from the people you love the most, i've lied to everyone my whole lifetime because it's a "sin" and I feel like this burden is going to kill me but your songs they truly give me hope that someday it'll change and i'll get the right to love and being loved.My dream is to find a guy, fall for him, marry, have children and that my parents accept it, i know they won't ever agree with that because God is more important :c

  4. If they walked away they were never your friends… I've just decided that once my kids are in the age they understand what is gay and so I will go straight up to them and say: "Hey you, if you feel that you like the same gender more than the other one, it is ok, I love you anyway. If you are gay, just bring your boyfriend home with you Ben. That's ok. I love you." – There is no need for "coming out" if you really LOVE.

  5. Growing up stuck in an environment that you have to be careful about all the things that you do or say because people around me are conservative. Until I met my beloved boyfriend who taught me to be who I am and love my parents more. He taught me more about life and love. Being gay is not easy, but love endures coming from those who truly love and support you.

  6. Only in america go publicize that story in the middle east and see what happens 🤣🤣🤣 wow what is our nation coming to when we continue to allow the degeneration of our morals and whats right and then teach the next generations the same thing which only leads to an even deeper acceptance of ehats wrong untill eventually whats right is completely stamped what you dont think there is a God who will eventually have enough yea i think so keep it up america

  7. I cry and cry so hardly to see your videos, your voice, your music, and your stories of your life. Thank you so much Calum for sharing your life it so beautiful and so touching I wish I could tell to my parents too, before both of them passed away but I couldn’t, I was to much fear and not good enough confidence of my self to tell them. Also because of society with all religions reasons,political issues we don’t have any law to provide , to present and to protected LGBT communities. There is still unreported LGBT issues in many countries being tortured, killed by political law, and societies as well. Again thank you for your stories, hope to change the world full of love no matter what

  8. Calum you are amazing… Being the real you is all any of us fans want from you… Keep making amazing heartfelt music and loving yourself…. You are simply fantastic…

  9. The whole "coming out" nonsense whether as fat, bi, gay, or trans or any other identity group has become a fad. People make videos of their "coming out" to parents and friends, then play the professional victim card followed by all the other members in their victim group telling them how brave and beautiful they are and rage against anyone that dares to disagree … it is pure comedy … LOL.

  10. Calum, I wish I knew you personally. If I did, i would give you a bear hug. I'd fine jade and tell her she is an amazing singer. She didn't deserve the no's. Calum, you have this wonderful fan group who loves your songs. We don't care who you like, what you like. We just care that you are here and are producing music for all of us to listen to. We all love you calum. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Gay Bi Straight etc you’re still amazing not only Calum but everyone out there I’m a pansexual and telling my friends and family was just both scary but so relieving…love whoever you want because you can’t control that heart of yours it just chooses that person that you find special

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