Brooke Reaches the Extraction Point | Naked and Afraid

It’s day 21 and Brooke heads for the extraction point to complete her Naked and Afraid challenge.

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  1. Most Scripted episode ever. Brooke was literally laughing when the kid was in pain? lol. Producers just want to orchestrate Brooke and Matt as a couple in completion. Makes good TV indeed))

  2. I always wonder if they will get a unstable person who would go up to a lion just to see what would happen .
    And if so would they air it on tv ??

  3. Why u give it the name naked & afraid., u can watch this in ur office enjoy with the staff. Public cannot see, whereas so many programs can see with out cencer,it's certainly a good program I appreciate it

  4. Naked and afraid you are slipping or just can't find contestants you allow her to bring a bow for (protection) reasons so you say but it's set up as a multi survival item bow has extra cordage wrapped around a picture. So that cordage can be used for many things like traps,bow drill set, shelter construction or how about sandle lacing for that ( extra protection) bow qwiver that was slipped in for making foot wear give me a break. Am I the only one who cought all these add on's so she could make it. So now if she even goes again she already has motivation that she slid by this time. Not being harsh here just realistic, do you think she could walk on hot sand rocks for 21 days to gather wood,food,materials,water ect and this was winter so it wasn't as hot out as well. Matt is a good guy she is a good partner for him she is pretty awesome to just not as well versed at survival.

  5. So the young one inhaled some drinking hole water and got a tummy ache he couldn't handle and she probably ended up laying by the fire for 15 days drinking water and eating bugs. Good show, lol.

  6. so you gave away the entire end as a promo? WTF? the guy lasts 6 days and brooke makes it 21. Thanks no need to see it now. Fire whoever's idea it was to air this as a promo.

  7. Who’s Matt? If she had to go through all of this to prove something to matt,matts a loser. And she’s hopeless. She did a great job though. But the moment we met walks up to her she should just turn around and walk away.

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