Bridging the Queer Age Gap: LGBTQ+ Ice Cream Social

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  1. I came out to 4 of my friends two days ago. I came out 2 of them first and 1 was really shocked and was like omg omg omg omg. The other one was rlly understanding and was giving advice (cause I actually had a boyfriend and I didn't know how to tell him) and he (talking bout friend now) was saying that it was great and he was proud of me and he like was making me feel better about it. Then the two other friends (one is my ex boyfriend) and they where just like oh okay. But since I told someone I haven't been a sad and it makes me happier that someone knows.

  2. The age gap is a real thing, regardless if there is an ethnic, racial, gender, or economic factor in play. The really old and the really young aren't taken seriously enough in critical conversations, even if their opinions are well thought out and make more sense than what "typical adults" are saying.

  3. My family is so fucking amazing and supportive, as my sister is also gay and out, but my friends are always there. If it weren't for them i wouldn't be here to say this but they're so fucking awesome and i need them.

  4. Question: I’m a youth pastor at my church and I’m only 20 years old and even though I believe it’s a sin to be LGBTQ+, I know God loves everyone and that Christ died so that everyone could enter the Kingdom because no sin is too great for to separate us from God’s love. God’s recently put it on my heart to intentionally focus on showing His love and sharing the Gospel with the LGBTQ+ community. I just don’t know how to begin with hearing their stories and learning their history to better understand the LGBTQ+ community in person. Any ideas?

  5. Even though I’m straight I have a bunch of gay friends that I’ve helped to encourage to come out as who they are and I just love gays and lesbians you guys are such happy people. Love you.

  6. I’m straight and I FULLY support gay rights. This series you’re doing Tyler is just BEAUTIFUL. I love it❤️ this makes me feel closer to my brother who is gay. Helps me understand the LBGTQ community more. Happy Pride! 🌈

  7. Except many older gay men now live in rural areas that are very bigoted,  and now have to go back into the closet.  They can lose their housing and be abused if they are out. 

       Gay men always earned less than heteros, and most older gay men can not afford to live in places like New York City.    Living in poverty means moving to places that are not supportive.    Outside of the large cities there is ZERO support for elderly gays and lesbians.  SAGE means well, but it's mostly focused on wealthy inner city gay men.

  8. I did my history fair project for school about the stonewall riots, and that really educated me about the struggle that LGBT + people went through back then.

  9. I absolutely adored Michael. He was such a cutie. As a middle-aged gay Male, I have younger guys questioning my motifs when I try to talk to them at college. We are one big family and should learn from each other.

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