Brandon Svarc on GQ with Naked & Famous World’s Craziest Jeans

Brandon from Naked & Famous Denim presents: 32oz heaviest denim in the world, the jeans stand up on their own! Raspberry scented scratch-n-sniff jeans, blanket-lined denim jeans, deep indigo selvedge denim, and glow in the dark denim jeans!

Buy online now at !

HK fans: available soon at Lane Crawford and now at!


  1. Hes brilliant, hes revolutionizing jeans, the heaviest jeans, glow in the dark. Astounding ideas yet unfortunately to expensive for someone like me. I prefer spending 240 on ebay for 5 Jeans (At a bargain price, yet good quality) then one. If Im rich one day, I will call you personally Brandon and we shall talk. Keep this up.

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