Boyfriends coming out (In nature)

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We return to Mount Esja, but this time together.

Kim’s last visit was alone, and he ended up getting lost in the storm. This time he went with Pétur and it went better, or?

We love to explore together, every opportunity we get to discover, we take it. We think it is important to highlight that you can see so much in your near surroundings, you do not have to go far. Sometimes it is only a few steps from home.

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We publish approximately biweekly, with the exception of extra updates.
We work both full time, and see our channel as a creative way to convey our excursions as an outdoor loving and curious gay couple.
We are Scandinavians, Icelandic and Swedish, our channel is an opportunity for us to show our life’s and trips mostly around the Scandinavian countries.

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  1. Both of you are so wonderful together. The love that you both radiate is wonderful and powerful. I always enjoy watching your videos because to me it shows a wonderful and caring and loving couple. You are both fun. Keep up the great work and videos. I look forward to watching them.

  2. Love ❤️ your videos,guys! Who knew Iceland was so scenic and beautiful? Hahahahaha. The slide down the mountain was so cool! Kim,it’s a good thing your buns are hard,round and tasty 😋 hehehehe. Keep the vids coming!

  3. Hi my angels. Thanks for allowing us to come along on your beautiful adventure. It looks like the two of you had a lot of fun. Take care my sweets. 💜💙💚❤💚💙💜

  4. One of the reasons I love you guys, is you never let the weather stop you from having fun doing outdoor activities. I never go to college when its raining and you guys are battling snowy mountains and ice sliding ❤❤

  5. This time next week, my partner and I will be in Iceland. It's your vlogs that are the reason to choose this lovely country. However, as much as I want to see as much as I can, climbing up a mountain with just an apple and a bottle of water will not be on the menu!!! Thank you boys and love to all delighters! x

  6. Kim, you missed seeing him. The image of the naked man was behind you. I caught a quick glimpse of the naked man by the river in the freezing snow. He looked REALLY HOT! This vlog is wonderfully fun. 🦋🌺☔️💜❤️💛💚💙💘

  7. Kim’s ass always looked good but it really will be looking good after this hike! 🍑🙌🏻 Thanks for taking us along your hike. What was the temperature? The coldest I’ve been in with windchill was in the negatives. 👀

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