1. My boyfriend is above average and thick. I can only tell you a few things that I know he does when I enjoy sex the most. One thing is when he takes his time fingering and stretching my hole to fit his cock. While fingering he’ll suck my cock and lick my balls. When penetrating me he takes his time and if I grimace some (I’m extremely tight) he’ll stop until I tell him to push more into me. He starts his motions slowly and builds up to faster motions. He changes his depth, motions and speed up a lot. If your partner has a sensitive prostate make sure to aim for it and hit it often. Some guys don’t have a sensitive prostate during sex. Make sure you jerk your partner off or lick his nipples if he’s into that. My boyfriend will ask if I’m enjoying it and if I say no he’ll ask what he can do that’ll make it better. Sometimes it’s just you need to change body positions so you’re both comfortable.

  2. The absolute main thing where most tops fuck up is that they think they should fuck as if its a porn movie. Ergo FAST, HARD, FASTER, HARDER, DEEPER, etc. etc…

    But, if you want to make me go crazy as a bottom I only need a calm, steady rhythm while you hold me down. Seriously. **Calm and steady.**

  3. Knowing when to use more lube. Hint: If there’s friction, use more lube. Yes, you will usually need to reapply more lube. It’s not just a one-time thing.

    Knowing how to get their dick in. I’m amazed at how many guys will direct their dick above or below my asshole and then wonder why it’s not going in. Aim for the sphincter. If you can’t see it, grab a flashlight.

    More about getting your dick in: If your dick isn’t going in because the sphincter is too tight, don’t be confused and alarmed. Use your dick to put pressure against the sphincter until it relaxes–which it will. Then slide in.

    Knowing to get STI tested once every 3-6 months.

    Knowing when to pull out and jack off. If you’ve been fucking a guy for 40 minutes straight, it might be time to call it a day. Microtears during anal intercourse are unavoidable and the bottom will become over-sensitized if you fuck for too long. Alternatively: Take breaks.

    Pillows. Use them to find a position that is comfortable for you and the bottom. Heights–and the way your dick lines up with the hole–matter. Pay attention to how the bottom is positioned. If you wouldn’t be comfortable in that position for an extended amount of time, then find a different position or change positions often.

    Don’t spill a container of lube.

    Otherwise, just communicate. Everyone wants different things.

  4. I think the best quality a top can have is special awareness to the bottom’s response. Listen to how your partner reacts and they will tell you what to do. Also, no rush, take your time with sex. Treat yourself, take a day 😉

  5. I still stand by what I normally say about this, which is :

    A good top should try bottoming once or twice. Or atleast have experimented with ass toys.

    I gives you so much more understanding of the Do’s and Dont’s of buttsex

  6. A top who “knows what he is doing” is a top who understands how what he is doing corresponds to what the bottom is feeling, is able to adjust what he is doing in order to get the response that he intends, and who gives the bottom what the bottom wants out of the interaction. So a good top can make it painless or he can make it hurt and can switch between the two on demand and knows which of the two he is doing before the bottom even reacts. Same goes for hard/soft, prostate stimulation/ not, intense/gentle, dominant/romantic, etc.

  7. When he does exactly what I say. Don’t worry I’m not too bossy, but he is a guest in my body, so better follow my rules. Also when the bottom is happy, the top is happy. Win win.

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