1. I’m thinking I really hope I douched well enough.

    Edit: it won’t allow me to open the comments on this post but in messages it says “delete this :(“. I will not because I know its a serious thought process for a lot of bottoms.

  2. “…ok the pace is good and ugh he’s hitting the spot (way too much even!) but damn is this angle awkward.”

    “oooooh yeah just like that. k he’s cute huge and knows how to fuck so we’re defs keeping him around. but did we give him our Grindr name or our real one?”

    “was ochem midterm gonna happen tomorrow or next week?”

    “are we moaning too loudly?”

    “damn i need to keep myself in control lest he figures out he’s doing too good of a job. can’t let him be complacent and not try harder next time after all.”

    “k that moan was hot but was two octaves too high. let’s aim for a lower more guttural one next time.”

    “…fuck i haven’t studied ochem and it’s almost midnight. let’s hope the midterm really is next week.”

    “oh wow that’s a new feeling wow what whoa that’s good but also whoa”

    “if only he was even just half an inch bigger ugh”

    “hopefully he doesn’t think we’re not doing enough fuck what if he thinks we’re a pillow princess fuck”

    “ugh is he not done yet the ice cream will melt if we don’t eat it soon. THEY’RE EXPENSIVE JESUS!”

    aka hard to tell exactly what since it depends on my comfort level with my partner 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. Good question. Umm, I guess I’m focusing on how I should position my body. “Okay I’ve gotta arch my back, stick my ass out, neck long, hit that light bitch.”

    Then I focus on the sensations and tracking where his dick is exactly so I can squeeze and release at the right times. I guess I’m going through a kind of choreography in my mind. Your idea is hot too though! I like to feel feminine when I’m getting fucked

  4. I personally love to think about being less than a man. So much of a males life is being instilled with these “masculine” values. How to behave, how to think, and most importantly, how to be a man. But when I get fucked, I love to think about how I’m essentially defying everything I’ve learned in my life. I love thinking about how I’m essentially becoming less than a man. Like “Would a man totally submit to another man and become his fucktoy?” that’s what I love to think about. I suppose some of it has to do with humiliation, but that’s a whole other can of worms. I just love moaning and calling my top “daddy” like a good boy, and finally reveling in the fact that a man essentially has “claimed” me by cumming inside me. But that’s just me, I’d love to hear from my fellow slutty bottoms!

  5. It’s about not thinking in those moments. Leaving my head. Riding the waves of pleasure. Existing in a breath. Subspace. To me, at least, That’s what it’s all about.

  6. I try to focus on how my I can help the top get his best feeling. I hope that the better he feels, the more cum he gives me and the better sensation he can give to me, too.

  7. I’m vers and haven’t been fucked by many guys.
    But I actually don’t feel feminine when I’m being fucked, I feel like a MAN. I love the intertwining of two male bodies, the masculine energy is intoxicating.
    Sometimes I’m thinking “holy shit I can’t believe this guy is inside me” and I’m really tight so I’m focusing on relaxing and adjusting myself so he’s hitting my prostate just right.

  8. I’m focusing on my top. How good he looks. How much he is enjoyinf himself. Doing everything I know he likes to make it the best experience possible for him.

  9. At first just trying to relax. Then just euphoria when he hits the right place. And the need to switch positions often so we both don’t finish too fast

  10. I just like being in the moment and feeling all the sensations of being fucked… feeling how deep he can go, the friction of him stretching me out and how good it feels when he’s inside. Always ensuring I’m giving my Top an experience/all my attention so he’ll moan my name when he shoots his load in me.

  11. Well, my partner will know what’s on my mind. The best way to have a great time is to communicate with one another. Get the right position going, the right pace. Let them know when they are hitting the spot,

    I am usually not doing a ton of thinking, mostly just letting go and enjoying the experience.

  12. I don’t think. I’m too present enjoy him, his saliva, his skin, his feet and hands and cock in and on me. It feels like freedom.

  13. 80s jams, because we listen to 80s jams when we fuck. Usually accompanied by something like “i wonder if he heard me burp two minutes ago” and “don’t tap out. don’t tap out. don’t tap out.”

  14. I like to just look at the situation itself : I’m a weak 100lbs twink fucked by a strong alpha man. I fee so submissive I could do

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