1. I’m a vers top, but when I bottom I mostly stay soft after penetration and I reach hands free orgasms. It not like ‘at rest’ soft, rather enlarged bun not erect, if it makes any sense. It’s totally different mechanics and different pleasure centers. And anal orgasm is different from the penile one. It’s longer, and it’s a whole body experience. You don’t ‘shoot’ like when you’re hard, the sperm kinda pulsates out with every contraction. Messing with my dick when I bottom ruins it. It’s like the sensations interfere with each other and neither leads to climax. I not a big fan of flip flopping for the same reason. Can’t multitask, each session has to be one or the other.

    The guys I’ve topped fall anywhere on the spectrum, and I cannot say which are the majority despite having a sample size in the triple digits. Just communicate and ask your partner what gets him there. The guys I’ve bottomed for count about a dozen, all in a context of some kind of relationship or fuck buddy arrangement. Can’t say many were surprised or turned off by me not being hard. Some asked. But I was also intentionally staying away from top only or bottom only guys for anything permanent, so they mostly knew how differently different peoples bodies work.

  2. It depends on how long I’m fucked and what kind of mood I’m in. If I’m super horny then I can usually orgasm during sex. I don’t have penile orgasms but I do have anal orgasms. I don’t j/o at all.

  3. I usually only reach peak-hardness while getting fucked and cum more easily, but I don’t really need to cum during sex. I’m more of a giver anyway and nothing makes me happier than making my partner cum.

  4. I typically don’t get hard during anal. I tend to get really hard during foreplay and while knowing what is about to happen to me. Once I’m getting fucked though I tend to be in a kinda half-hard state.

    I don’t often get off. And that’s kinda how I like it. My body feels amazing while I’m servicing my top and as long as my cock doesn’t get touched I can really enjoy that feeling.

  5. I dont get hard because

    1. My top is ugly

    2. Hes just bad at topping

    3. Not really in the mood to fuck but theres nothing else to do so I pick guys up to get some stranger’s approval of my attractiveness.

    No offence, tops. I get off later on thinking of sex I had with my ex from 2 years ago

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