1. Personally, I like for him to just leave it alone. My dick is small and the more he focuses on it the more self-conscious I feel. I also don’t like the feeling of my dick going inside things. I had surgery there and the feeling is inconsistent right now too. Finally, I can also go back and forth between being hard and being semi and when he’s all into my dick it makes me feel pressure to stay really hard. Sometimes bottoming yields discomfort so that can make me go soft. I still love it though

  2. I’m that 1% that likes being jacked off and played with. You don’t have to blow me but I like some stimulation there as well. I’m a total fem bottom and I don’t mind the whole “bussy” or “clit” name calling but I’m not going to lock myself in a cage or “refuse myself”

    To each their own and I respect all kinks. Just not my thing and sometimes I fear tops assume all bottoms are like that

  3. I enjoy Bjs but not stroking tbh. But if we are doing anal, then if I need to, I stroke myself while being fucked. But thats if I know my bf is soon going to cum so we get off at the same time.

  4. I personally don’t want him to touch my dick as he is fucking me because I get tighter. Don’t know if it’s because I’m self conscious. That’s probably why he is always trying to sneak his hand down there.

  5. Love it, but I will cum really quickly when I’m being fucked and having my dick played with, so I prefer leaving that until the end.

  6. It depends on the position for me. Doggy.. I don’t want the top to mess with my cock too much. Rather focus on the pounding. Missionary: That one I am okay with some interaction. If it effects his performance though then I rather have the top focus on topping than my cock. Now if there is another person there while i am being topped then yes by all means would love to have some one messing with my cock while being topped or feed me poppers!

  7. I will never say no to having my dick played with, if I can get blown, flesh jacked, if another bottom is around he can ride. If the top isn’t in to it (whom is my husband 99/100 times, is not into it at all) then cool, I’ll Jack myself.

  8. I like to be played with and fondled while he is in me.. I tend to tighten up for him and he likes that.

  9. I am part of this minority that loves a blowjob and stroke, but I prefer to cum at the end of everything, because I like messy and dripping.

  10. I rarely ever get hard so it just makes me self-conscious if he tries to play with it. Nothing’s gonna happen. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. There was this time where he put a flesh light on mine and jacked me off while fucking my ass. That was pretty damn awesome.

  12. Tbh I don’t really mind if he loves it or leaves it, I can have a wild time either way. What pisses me off are tops who avoid it like the plague, like interacting with a cock is beneath them. I once had a guy demand I keep my jock on cos he didn’t even want to see my dick. I told him to get over himself and kicked him out 😜

  13. He doesnt have to do anything if he doesnt want to. I dont mind it,but if he wants to leave it alone and concentrate on fucking me,thats fine by me.

  14. I prefer to leave it out of the equation. I don’t even like it in porn when they suck the bottom – to my sensibilities it’s a combination waste of time, and makes him look submissive in a way that doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer everything to be focused toward the top’s needs (though I can get into him rimming, as it shows a certain tender concern for the bottom’s well-being, building him up for the fucking that will follow).

  15. I don’t mind what he wants to do with it. Blowjobs, I think I’m a little sensitive for; they’re uncomfortable, but maybe I just haven’t met the right guy. Handjobs, sure, go ahead; I try not to stroke myself because it usually gets in the top’s way, but, if he wants to mess around with it, sure!

    I’m just enjoying getting bred. 😊

  16. Depends on how big he is. If he can massage that prostate to the point of orgasm, his hands shouldn’t be on my dick lol.

  17. When he’s getting close himself he can stroke it. I like coming with a cock in me and from their responses they like me coming on their cock. Too early and it doesn’t work.

  18. I like to have it ignored physically, but I do like when tops comment how hard I get from sucking them or riding them.

  19. I like getting blown.
    I like being stroked when I’m getting fuck, but only when I’m ready. The problem with a lot of tops I met liked to make me cum as fast as I can. I want to enjoy getting fucked so I prefer them to leave my cock alone.

  20. When I’m bottoming, as much as he wants, just listen to me. I don’t really like bottoming after I’ve cum, so if I say to leave it alone, leave it alone lol.

  21. Mines got the habit of stroking mine while he’s in there. Feels weird but if he gets me to cum then he cums soon after

  22. Personally I don’t care what he does, I do enjoy having it sucked but I usually never really cum from blowjobs (probably because of the amount of porn that I watched or the amount of edging i’ve done).

    When getting fucked I do enjoy having my dick stroked with lube and it has to be rough strokes. It’s up to them really, majority of the time they hold it or they suck me off.

  23. Power top with 8.5 inches of steel monster cock here 😏 I won’t touch a bottoms man clit. That thing belongs in a chastity cage.

  24. The only way I want my top to make me cum is through his dick in my ass. I want to be my top’s woman.

  25. His choice. It’s his dick I’m concerned with. I sometimes masturbate later on when I mentally playback the tape of the encounter.

  26. If I am frotting with my top, I want my hard cock against his as he grinds and thrusts against me.
    If I am sucking him or being fucked, I am usually at half mast or limper, and I prefer that he keeps his hands on my hips or my shoulders. If he touches my crotch, it just distracts me from the pleasant feelings I get from taking his dick.

  27. Im there for the tops pleasure i prefer to have my cock caged maybe smacked a bit but not played with… personal preference haha

  28. I like head before and after but not stroking in the middle. That’s probably because I’m verse. I’m still a man and my dick is my main sex organ, as I see it

  29. While I’m on my stomach ass up, he can pull my dick down like a lever so that it forces my back to arch as he rims me, blows me, then fucks me home. Otherwise don’t touch 💯

  30. I’d rather him leave it alone. It’s not nice when he trys to start stroking me (usually go soft when bottom) he ends up just punching my balls and I dont like it 🙁

  31. I have only tried to bottom a few times. All three of these times, I came without being touched when the top unloaded in me. This was after a lot of foreplay, mostly rimming and being sucked! This happened some years ago and I would really like to try to bottom again to see if it still happens!

  32. I’m vers top but I like being wanked when fuck. I normally wank myself too. My husband likes to be hard when I fuck him as he Can cum spontaneous sometimes as I fuck him.

  33. I used to suffer premature ejaculation. I strongly wanted him to just leave it alone, because touching it in any way could make me explode, and then I’d lose interest, which wouldn’t be fun for either of us.

    I don’t any more – now instead of cumming too quickly, I just don’t often cum. I do, sometimes, but not always, and not right away. Now I just *don’t care* if he touches it – the stimulation of it touching his body is plenty to give it pleasure.

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