Bottoms: Do You Like When A Top Is Vocal About When He’s About To Cum, and When He Starts Shooting?

I’ve noticed some tops are super quiet and don’t say a thing and the only way you know he’s cumming is because of things like his body movement, or you can actually feel his load. Then there are the tops who are really vocal (but not fake vocal where they are imitating something they saw in a porno) and start to tell you they are close, maybe even ask you if you want his load, and then really thrust and moan when they start shooting.

So do you prefer the top to be vocal, or do you like playing detective and trying to guess when it’s happening?


  1. I love both in certain ways. I love a vocal guy tell me what im about to receive but I have had hookups where no condom was around and they were suppose to pull out and then the next thing I know they are cumming in me. As pissed as I was it was also such a fucking turn on.

  2. I love a verbal Top in general! Saying filthy things to me and making me feel like a good bottom, bringing pleasure to his Top. 🙂

  3. My favorite, actually, was a top guy who is a passionate kisser who fucks me and kisses me at the same time. We were so lost in kissing that he couldn’t announce he was about to unload in me. But I saw the change in his eyes, and then his swelled, and I felt the warm ejaculation inside me. It was perfect.

  4. I always assume my talking would be a mood killer. Ive always been told I have a deep voice, I just cringe to myself when I try to dirty talk.

  5. I love verbal tops and I’m a very verbal bottom. I always let them know how much I’m loving what they are doing to me and when they are making me orgasm. I can usual tell when a guy is reaching that point of no return, but I love being told too. Makes me work harder to get him off. Dirty talking is kind of a learned response, or it just sounds fake, but once you learn to just verbalize what you are thinking and feeling, I find it very erotic. I’ve also found that telling a lover not to hold back, that I really want to make him cum, takes some of the pressure off the guy to perform to some expectation. I’d rather get fucked passionately for 5 minutes than an hour by a guy trying to prove how long he can last.

  6. Fuck YEAH!

    I mean, no announcement needed when he’s gonna blow in my mouth (it’s pretty obvious, LOL) but I love a top who grunts out he’s about to shoot in my ass.

    Makes it easier to time myself shooting hands-free. 😏

  7. It can be as simple as saying “I’m about to cum”. I hate when I just suddenly realise he has just finished and the fun is over.

    I usually try to cum at the same time, so knowing when he is about to cum is crucial.

    I had a guy who’d never say anything and he was very subtle… Some times I’d come before him because I’d thought he was about to come when he wasn’t. Then, no more fun for him. 😉

  8. I prefer no warning if its going in my mouth, and I usually try to make that known since I know that is counter to what most people probably prefer.

  9. Tops being vocal in general is such a turn on. I’m pret try quiet myself so I like when the moans (or other sounds) of the top fill the room lol

  10. i don t specially care how low they get , i ll do my best to keep the top happy and hopefully cumming inside me regarless hoy loud they got

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